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New captain for Italy

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Like a SWISS plane we welcome people, we achieve our destination, we land and we are always ready for another take off. It’s what just happened in Italy where we have a new “Captain” that will bring the Italian SWISS team to another amazing journey.

We have said goodbye our previous Regional Manager Luca Graf who has been with the Milan team for almost 5 years and we warmly welcomed the new Regional Manager Italy and Malta, Stefan Zwicky.

The Regional Manager is nominated by the head office in Zurich and as a result the newly appointed representative, Stefan Zwicky, is going to share some of his life and career experiences with us in Milan.

Stefan speaks and writes Italian fluently. He has mastered the language so well that one could hardly believe he is not Italian a part of course for his family name that can raise some doubts. We are very pleased and grateful that Stefan has given us an impression that he truly loves Italy therefore we believe that he’s the right person in the right place! But, will be able not to be fond of the SWISS team during his Italian stay? We have experienced and we can say that is impossible! But at this time, no questions we live our passionate life at SWISS and we keep flying.

Benvenuto a bordo!