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The games have begun

Corporate Communications & PR USA

The Summer Olympic games have begun. Excitement in the air here at SWISS USA. As for me, American by birth, German by heritage and Swiss by company. Thinking I will have quite a collection of medals to celebrate in such a melting pot DNA.

Experts say competition is healthy. There are victories and there are agonies of defeats. Yet, the incredible drive, the devout passion, and 110 percent dedication are admirable. Watched a neighbor’s daughter train for years to recently earn a place on the US Olympic Ski team, an amazing feat especially having grown up in our mountain-less seaside town.

So what does the Summer Olympics have to do with an airline? It proves to us all that strong team values matter. At SWISS, same principles apply. One flight takes an amazing cooperative effort from booking to ground services to onboard catering and more. Our finish line depends on whether we delivered, exceeded customer expectations and made flying a pleasurable experience. It’s in our DNA to finish on top from here to Switzerland, from Switzerland to Dubai, from Switzerland to Beijing, and more. So no matter what heritage, birthplace or company, it’s about the drive and passion.

Let the Games continue, we at Swiss International Air Lines share the Olympic passion and drive to bringing home the “gold medal of service” to our customers.


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