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Birdie, Eagle, Albatross – SWISS.

Pricing and Marketing Manager Scandinavia & Finland

A customer event is always fun. But it is even more fun to get the chance to combine it with a personal interest.

Golf is a very popular sport here in Scandinavia. In Sweden we have more than 500,000 registered golfers and a wide choice of approximately 450 courses. Not surprisingly, one of the most beautiful and challenging courses within Europe is located close to Stockholm. Bro Hof Slott just hosted the Nordea Masters tournament, which was part of the PGA European Tour. A few days after the professionals finished their competition, we had the chance to invite some of our best customers and partners to that venue.

Although I grew up close to the Bro Hof, I am still impressed by the course and its conditions and therefore never dared to play there before. The holes are longer, the greens are greener and the bunkers are whiter (and even filled with crushed marble!). All we had to do was to walk around this beautiful landscape. Well – actually I would not call it a “walk” but rather a “hike”. After approximately five and a half hours all the players were really exhausted but very happy. If you play golf, you will know what I mean. Golf is indeed a sport and it is a sport for everyone, so I can only recommend trying it out!

I can say that I played in a “customer-friendly” way (meaning that I did not score so well) but it was still a very impressive experience. Especially for one of the participants who achieved a “hole-in-one”. This means hitting the ball into the hole with a single stroke, something that happens only rarely. Normally a professional player would need around three strokes to complete a hole, so you can imagine that our golfer was overwhelmed by his own performance.

I realized once more that it is the small things, especially pleasant surprises, which make people happy. Such as a hole-in-one at golf or a small piece of Swiss chocolate on board one of our flights around the globe.

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