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Missing baggage report

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SWISS and Swissport have teamed up to enable you to submit missing baggage reports at Zurich Airport online and save time in the process.

When it comes to dealing with missing baggage, Zurich Airport ranks among the leaders thanks to solid teamwork on the part of all players involved. In 2011, for example, only seven pieces of baggage per thousand failed to be transported on the same aircraft as their owner.

Anyone who has ever experienced the inconvenience of missing baggage knows what a hassle it is to submit a report to trace it. For starters, you have to wait at the baggage carousel until every piece has been delivered before you can be sure that your item is not there. And when that happens, you are usually not the only passenger in that unpleasant situation. Having made your way to the Lost & Found office, you invariably encounter fellow travellers with the same problem, which consumes even more of your valuable time.

In order to spare you as much inconvenience as possible we have been working for some time on a pro-active Lost & Found solution. A first milestone was achieved on 15 July in collaboration with Swissport at Zurich Airport in the form of an online baggage tracing service – employable regardless of location and initiated directly by the passenger.

This service is activated whenever five or more people are waiting for assistance at the Zurich Airport Lost & Found office. Travellers are given a token which is used to facilitate the expeditious online filing of any missing baggage reports. No queuing is necessary. The aim is to have the baggage delivered to the owner within the next 24 hours.

Due to Customs regulations this option is available only to travellers whose missing baggage contains no goods purchased abroad. Travellers whose baggage does contain such goods are required to seek assistance from an agent at the Lost & Found office. Because the new format shortens waiting times, they too benefit.

In order to minimise the number of passengers having to queue at Lost & Found, plans are in place to offer this online tracing service for the entire SWISS route network.