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Anytime – SWISS on Facebook and Twitter

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Ever since the volcano eruption of April 2010 that prompted our participation via Facebook and Twitter in the resultant crisis communication, we have wanted to expand our Customer Service unit to include social media as a communication resource.

On one hand, we were aware that you who make up the social media community desired such a presence, and on the other hand the dialogue with you is central to our social media commitment. That day has now arrived!

Following a phase of intensive planning, training, the creation of guidelines and manuals and much more, we are now accessible 24 hours per day and seven days per week via Facebook and Twitter. There are many new elements for your benefit. Your queries will now be handled directly by our Service Center agents. The advantage here is that we can now offer you much more in terms of service (e.g. answers to questions about our services, booking special meals, and questions regarding your own booking, general questions about the flight experience  and much more).

A few more key points:

  • Language (day): English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
    Languages (night): English and German
  • For technical reasons, it is not yet possible to make a flight booking via Facebook or Twitter. We are keeping an eye on this option, however, and hope that we’ll be able to introduce it at a later date.
  • Complaints still cannot be processed through social media because this requires documentation from you. As is currently the case, complaints are to be submitted using contact form on SWISS.COM and will be processed by another team.
  • It may occur that one of your comments is not displayed on our Facebook wall because Facebook has erroneously classified it as spam. In such cases, we ask to simply repost your comment so that we can handle it. Basically, we do not delete anything except spam and inappropriate comments (with racist or sexist content).

With this new service we aim to facilitate fast, direct and straightforward two-way communication. We are very pleased to offer you this new service and hope that you too are enthusiastic about it. See you soon, either on board or on Twitter and/or Facebook!