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Moving on to the next chapter

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Now, with less than two weeks left at SWISS and Stockholm, the hardest part comes: having to pack my belongings and say my goodbyes. With this, however, also comes the time to reflect on what you have learned and what you are taking with you to the next chapter in life.

It feels like not long ago when I anxiously stepped into the SWISS office in Stockholm to find a beautiful plant with pink flowers, a cinnamon bun, some SWISS chocolates and a ‘Välkommen’ written on a SWISS postcard on my desk, representing the very warm welcome by my colleagues on my first day. Now, with less than two weeks left at SWISS and Stockholm, the hardest part comes. On the other hand, with this also comes the time when you start looking back at the chapter you are closing, and remembering your best experiences and first encounters in what used to be an unfamiliar city.

Moving abroad and living alone since I was seventeen has taught me many lessons, from small teachings such as how to do laundry, to bigger lessons such as how to overcome the letdowns life can surprise you with. Acquiring knowledge is a never-ending process and working at SWISS has definitely contributed to my development, being the first professional experience I have had since completing my studies.

Responsibility acquired a new meaning, as you have the freedom of choosing how you tackle your tasks, provided you produce valuable results. It definitely influenced me in becoming more detail-oriented, not only in my professional work but also in my personal life, which is something I had overlooked before my internship. After all, it is the little things that make a difference.

Leaving Stockholm will definitely not be easy. Along with missing the beautiful skyline of Stockholm, which can only be described as magnificent, I will primarily miss my SWISS colleagues, from whom I have not only learnt a lot in my introduction to the aviation industry but have also had the pleasure of getting to know on a personal level. From going to the gym, to after work activities, the working environment is a very sociable and supportive one. I keep thinking I was very fortunate, and spoiled, to have had such easygoing colleagues and a very enjoyable first professional experience.

However, as my mom always says, if you are sad with what you are leaving behind, be glad, as this means you have not wasted your time. You are taking valuable memories with you. Leaving Stockholm will be a melancholic journey, as I sit on a SWISS plane looking out to the symbolic red wing with the white Swiss cross, a logo I have been faced with almost every day for the last ten months. Luckily, I still have some time to complete my bucket list before having to say ‘hej då Stockholm!’