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My sky-high life – Lilia

Cabin Crew Member

As this is my first contribution to the SWISS blog I would like to tell in a nutshell what brought me here.

I still remember my first flight, which was in the dark ages of the last millennium, when smoking was still permitted in the cabin. It was an Interflug flight from East Berlin to Sofia, Bulgaria, to visit relatives. I was six years old and the passenger in front of me smoked a cigar, which caused me to become sick. Aside from that, I was awestruck by the flying experience.

After high school, I started studying English literature at university in Zurich but I felt unhappy. So I tried veterinary medicine but was still not happy. When I commuted to classes by train, I sometimes skipped Zurich main station and remained on board till the train stopped at the airport. I would spend a lot of time at the airport, where I actually felt happy. So in the summer of 1998 I applied at Swissair and in a matter of 10 days I was employed and moved to Zurich full-time.

Ever since, I’ve been happy. I’ve been doing exactly what I have always wanted to do which is…. everything! I love flying, love travelling, love people, love that no day is like any other. I like working night shifts and sleeping in during the day and when I can’t sleep I paint.
I like the fast-paced lifestyle of having my favourite Starbucks hangouts on every continent, where I sip coffee and read. I love flying to Hong Kong and going to the Peak where the movie Love is a many splendored thing was shot.
Over the years I have majored in art history and written a thesis on airport design. I just love the fact that I can combine my love of art and culture with my love of flying. This is my life.

Yet this career is not just for anybody, nor is it easy. Many people shake their heads at my lifestyle, people who need the routine of getting up every day at 6:30 in the morning and coming home at 5 pm in the evening. But to each his own.

With regard to the public, the most unknown aspect of this profession is the emphasis on safety and security awareness. Very in-depth emergency and safety and psychological training takes place throughout our career in order for us to be qualified to fly on airplanes. This element rounds out my job and makes it worthwhile.


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