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My sky-high life – Janine

Cabin Crew Member

“Live your dream and don’t dream your life” has always been my favourite expression and I have taken the necessary action to give these words real meaning.

After graduating from school I was ready to explore my new-found freedom and opportunities for self-development. At last I could go wherever I wanted. Motivated by this wish I undertook training as an “international tourism assistant“, and even worked for a few months in Spain. My strongest desire, however, was to fly. Not just fly to places on holiday as a tourist though – I wanted to be right in the thick of the action – I wanted to live the flying life. Consequently, I joined SWISS in 2009 and have been attending ever since to our passengers in both Business and Economy Class on short and long-haul flights.

I’m not only living my own dream but am also beginning to live my life with a certain spirit of Swissness. As a German citizen who relocated to Switzerland I have had to cope with various things that weren’t always easy to deal with. I have had to contend with a new environment, new points of view and a different mentality, all of which are still sometimes a challenge. But then again, wasn’t that what I always wanted?

Travel is my passion: I love getting to know other countries and cultures in their many different aspects. Doing so has become something of a sport for me – becoming a so-called “Baedecker tourist* (after the travel guides published by Baedeker). I have visited every country for which there is a travel guide on my bookcase. Which brings me to my second hobby: reading. If I’m not rambling through the streets of the world’s towns and cities I’m busy reading a book either in a park, on the beach or on the balcony. And because reading and writing go hand in hand, I’m looking forward to telling our SWISS Blog readers more about my life beyond the clouds.


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  • A big congratulations to you Janine 😉
    I look forward to you reading your stories of your flights.


  • I Like SWISS!!!!!!!!

  • Janine, can you give me an advice for becoming a cabin crew member?
    I’m asking, cause for me too flying is a dream coming true. That’s why I’ve sent SwISS my application and I’m invited to an Assessment Day in April 5th. I’m thankful for any tip:) Wish you all the best and keep on liviing your dream! Ariela

  • Hi Janine 🙂