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My night to remember at Zurich Airport

Chief Operation Officer Flughafen Zürich AG

As of today, 1 December, everything at Zurich Airport is a bit different than before. A new dock and a centralised security check building will make passing through the airport a smoother, more pleasant and more comfortable experience for travellers.

Zurich Airport’s new Dock B and security check building became operational today. We were there throughout the previous night preparing for the start-up. Every step was planned right down to the last detail by the start-up team, who were busy emptying rubbish bins, separating the Skymetro passenger area, repositioning signs, stocking shelves, and fine-tuning the rigorous security checks.

A camera team from the Swiss TV programme Schweiz Aktuell accompanied us and filmed the action on start-up night. The respective purpose of the two buildings may seem confusing at first. Dock B and the security check building are two different buildings with completely distinctive functions. The catalyst for the construction of the new Dock B was the Schengen Agreement. The security check building was conceived as a form of enhancing passenger comfort.

Since the introduction of the Schengen Agreement on 29 March 2009 it has been necessary to distinguish between Schengen and Non-Schengen passengers. A series of changes was introduced two years ago in this connection; the opening today of the new Dock B marks the final step in implementing Schengen-driven changes. Consisting of nine permanent gates and eight bus gates, Dock B facilitates the separate handling of Schengen and Non-Schengen passengers effectively.

The new security check building is nestled between Check-in 1 and 2. A total of 26 security check lanes on four levels now welcome passengers, who enjoy a clear benefit as a result. Immediately after checking in and dropping off their baggage they advance through the security checkpoint, which means that once they reach the Airside Center they are free to manage their time as they see fit until boarding begins. Their progress to the gate becomes smoother and they can calculate their time more effectively.

I am tremendously proud of the performance of all teams involved and am eager to see how Dock B and the security check building function under daily operation. This morning we were able to greet the first passenger to travel though Dock B and thus demonstrate the results of intensive teamwork carried out in recent years. This was a special moment for all of us.

Find more information about the project here.

The SWISS Social Media team joined early this morning our Chief Commercial Officer, Holger Hätty, and the CEO of Zurich Airport, Thomas E. Kern, in welcoming the first passengers arriving on LX 289 from Johannesburg at the brand-new Dock B. Have a look at our pictures.


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