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Inside SWISS, Outside Switzerland – Germany

Regional Account Manager

The German state of Baden-Württemberg lies in the southwest corner of the country and shares a border with Austria, France and Switzerland. Did you know that this region of Germany is one of Europe’s technological leaders, boasting a strong export-oriented economy and manufacturing products that are highly regarded worldwide?

Innovative Baden-Württemberg is powered by future-oriented sectors of business and a strong spirit of inventiveness. This is where I work for SWISS, a special airline with a corporate culture whose hallmarks are mutual support and employees motivated to contribute in their own individual way to a product that we can all be proud of. This is what makes work enjoyable!

The people of Baden-Württemberg are reputed to be thrifty and diligent. And it is also said about them that they do not know how to enjoy life. I say these are nothing more than preconceived notions without foundation. In my experience, the people here are friendly and open, and they know how to make the most of the quality of life this part of Germany offers them. It is fair to describe Stuttgart as being a big city located between forest and vineyards. Speaking personally, I appreciate the varied landscape here, with lots of green space in the city and throughout the state in general, along with a lively, international art and culture scene. On the culinary front, Baden- Württemberg has more “starred” restaurants than any other state in Germany.

For SWISS, this region is particularly important because of its proximity to our hub airport. Our local team of three regional account managers represents the interests of the national airline of Switzerland in a highly competitive market. Looking after existing customers and winning new ones is one of our primary tasks. Our portfolio includes corporate customers and so our line of work also interfaces with the corporate travel services offered by travel agencies. Among our customers are agencies specialising in leisure and group travel as well those focusing on events, each with their own distinctive needs. We rely on direct contact to premium customers as a means of strengthening their loyalty to our brand, while seeking to acquire more such important customers for SWISS. Marketing is one component of our job profile. This broad range of activities makes our work here in Baden-Württemberg particularly interesting. When agents like to book travel with us and passengers enjoy flying aboard our aircraft, then we can say that we have done our job well.

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  • Herr Stimpfle’s remarks about Baden-Wurttemberg, as well as about Swiss International’s operation, there, is especially interesting, for me.

    I am fortunate enough to have ancestors from, and present-day cousins still living in, Unteröwisheim, Kraichtal, Baden-Wurttemberg. Someday, I shall have to tear myself away from München, with whom I have fallen madly, in love…and, see, for myself, the splendors of my familial home!

    Swiss hosted me on my first trip to Europe, last year…and, I shall never forget the COURTESY…the PROFESSIONALISM…the ENGAGING cabin-crew…the excellent food…nor, will I forget the PATIENT, and HELPFUL reservations staff. I was 65 years-old, at the time that I traveled…and, felt as comfortable and self-assured, thanks to Swiss, as if I make that Atlantic-crossing, once-a-year…EVERY year! First impressions are important, and, with me, Swiss is WORLD-CLASS, in every way…

    I return to München, next October…and, Swiss will be an integral part of my itinerary.

    Happy Christmas, and the Best that the Season has to offer, to Herr Stimpfle…and, all the fine and worthy people, who make Swiss International an outstanding international air-carrier.

    Continued Success…and, thank you, again.