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Our fleet – Airbus A330 – 4/5

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The Airbus A330 is the second biggest aircraft in our fleet, standing out on the basis of various characteristics. Aboard our Airbus A330-300s we offer innovative air-cushion seat technology in both SWISS First and SWISS Business.

With the air cushion integrated into the seat, the degree of firmness can be adjusted to the passenger’s individual preference. The seat in our new Business Class cabin can be converted into a fully flat bed.

Thanks to the air-cushion technology, the SWISS Business seat is four kilos lighter than one with conventional upholstery. This allows us to save kerosene and reduce engine emissions. These aircraft are equipped with a totally new product in all three classes.

This aircraft type is deployed on services to such destinations as Chicago, Miami, Montreal and Mumbai. With a maximum range of 8,400 kilometres, roughly equivalent to the distance by air between Zurich and Cuba, this aircraft is ideal for long-haul operations. The Airbus A330-300 can carry up to 236 passengers in our three-class seating configuration: eight in First Class, 45 in Business Class and 183 in Economy Class. In terms of passenger capacity, the A330 is the biggest airplane in our fleet. Its two Rolls Royce 772B-EP engines enable it to reach a top speed of 880 km/h.

Measuring 63.7 metres in length, the A330 is some 19.2 metres longer than the A321-111. To put its length in context, the A330 is almost as long as a football pitch is wide. This jet has a wingspan of 60.3 metres and stands 17.88 high. A full crew consists of two pilots and 10 cabin crew members.

The 10 Airbus A330-300s in SWISS’s possession were phased into our fleet between 2009 and 2011. They currently have an average age of 1.7 years. Starting in 2012 a further five will join our fleet.

We are now approaching the end of our series of reports on our fleet. Our final report will feature a close-up look at the Airbus A340-300.

Photos of each Airbus A330-300