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Our fleet – Airbus A320 family – 3/5

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Following the presentation of our Avro RJ100 “Jumbolino” we now turn our attention to our Airbus A320 fleet, which consists of seven Airbus A319s with an average age of 14.4 years, 22 Airbus A320s with an average age of 12.7 years and seven Airbus A321s with an average age of 12.7 years.

With a length of 33.8 metres, the A319 is the smallest in the Airbus family. In the SWISS version, this aircraft seats between 108 and 138 passengers over distances up to 3,000 km. This aircraft has a typical 3-3 seating layout with a Business and Economy Class configuration. It serves such destinations as London, Manchester, Nice, Paris and Amsterdam. Two CFM56 jet engines give the Airbus A319 a top speed of 850 kilometres per hour. Maximum take-off weight is 68,000 kg. Photos of all of our A319-112 aircraft can be seen on Flickr photo gallery.

At 37.60 metres, the Airbus A320 is slightly less than four metres longer than its smaller relative. However, the A319 and A320 have the same wingspan, 34.10 metres, and stand the same height, 11.80 metres. For distances up to 3,650 km with full payload, SWISS uses the Airbus A320 with 136 to 168 seats in a two-class configuration. Two CFM56 engines, each capable of delivering 12,000 kg of thrust, power the aircraft. Aircraft of this type are used on flights within Europe – to such destinations as Belgrade, Prague, Vienna, Milan, Athens and Thessaloniki – and between Switzerland, Africa and the Near East. Photos of our complete A320-214 fleet can be viewed here.

With a length of 44.5 metres, the Airbus A321 is the ‘big brother’ of the A320 family; it is seven metres longer than the Airbus A320. Its wingspan and height, however, are the same as the other family members. For short and medium distances with high passenger volumes, SWISS uses the Airbus A321 with 176 to 200 seats and a cargo capacity of 4.3 tonnes. Short and medium-haul routes on which passenger volume is comparatively high are served by this type. With its two CFM56 engines, each with 14,000 kg of thrust, the A321 is capable of the same top speeds as the A319 and A320 and has a range of 3,200 km at full payload. Photos of our A321 fleet can also been seen on Flickr.

In our next Blog entry on the SWISS fleet we’ll focus on a bigger aircraft in the Airbus family.


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