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Inside SWISS, Outside Switzerland – Sweden

Intern Marketing and Pricing

My first experiences having recently moved to Stockholm and starting my internship at SWISS

I was once again reminded of the challenges the airline industry faces even before I stepped into the office to start my new internship at SWISS in Stockholm. Before departing from Mexico City, where my parents currently live, Hurricane Irene grew stronger on the East Coast of the United States, causing my flight to be rescheduled to three days later. I have always had problems with traveling, from getting rerouted to getting stranded in a foreign city, but jeopardizing the starting date of my internship was definitely taking my bad luck to another level. Getting over the hurdles the hurricane caused, I finally made it to Stockholm and have started understanding the airline industry – from the position of a demanding customer to getting an inside glance at the complexities this industry faces daily from the business perspective.

The introductory days at SWISS included some technical information, yet the friendliness of the entire workforce at the office, with everyone taking their time to explain all the intricacies of the industry as well as what all the abbreviations stand for, which to my surprise there are infinitely many, definitely makes the idea of a first corporate experience less daunting.

Of course, moving to such a cosmopolitan city also adds to the excitement of this new experience. Having Spanish roots yet having lived in many different cities, from New Delhi to Managua, I can definitely say that Stockholm has not lived up to the reputation of being a cold, Nordic society. It seems to take on some Mediterranean activities such as fika, or a coffee break, where various topics are discussed over a relaxing cup of coffee with friends or coworkers. I am sure in the near future I will begin to discover other activities Swedes tend to indulge in, as well as some culinary delicacies like warm kanelbulle (cinnamon bun), which is practically found in any corner here in Stockholm!

There is no denying that the winter that awaits us will not be like any Mediterranean climate, yet the Nordic countries are full of activities during the winter season that will keep everyone busy and will slowly, yet surely, transform me into a snow-fanatic. Having spent the last six Christmases in warm countries, usually near a beach destination, I have no doubt that being in Stockholm during December will be an unforgettable experience and will make me get into a very Christmas-y spirit, more than I have been in the past years.


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  • Christina, you seem like a great fit to Swiss with your international bakground. It’s a great quality for someone working at the marketing department to be a word-wide traveller and hence understand the needs and concerns first hand. Enjoy your internship. Greetings from Athens

  • Hello Christina! Nice to read that you are a ‘travel person'(like me) and now in STO! As you travel from warm places, this could prepare you for your next assignment perhaps in Canada! You are fortunate that SWISS now has an Internship Program that was unknown when I was with SWISSAIR for many years… hope you have fun in the Aviation Industry like I did and SWISS treats you likewise!

    Geoffrey, YYZ Ca.