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DivertiMento – Stars of Swiss comedy

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DivertiMento is Switzerland’s most successful cabaret duo. Comedians Jonny Fischer and Manu Burkart offer a mutli-talented act that somehow makes fun of everything without hurting anyone. With their mix of stand-up comedy, satirical songs and wayout punch lines they appeal to all age groups, and yet they also achieve cult status. Last year DivertiMento twice received Switzerland’s Prix Walo. Next February they launch a new cabaret show, “Gate 10”, and also celebrate their 10th anniversary as a stage act.

You formerly both worked as teachers, have you been class clowns yourself during school days?
Manu: I was a shy guy until I noticed that it is pretty cool making people laugh.
Jonny: I was not a class clown at all but always liked to stand in the center of attention.

Where do you differentiate from each other and what are your commonalities?
Jonny: We have far less in common than things that do differentiate us. The fact that we are this different is a plus on stage.
Manu: We mostly have got the same sort of humor and love to put a smile on people’s faces.

Your new program “Gate 10” is set at an airport. How did you come up with this idea?
Manu: We always thought that this would be a very interesting topic as at an airport one finds an incredible variety of cultures and languages. Nowhere else is the community more motley than at an airport which offers us endless material to work with.

What can the SWISS passengers expect from your program?
Manu: That time flies by (laughs).

You once had a guest part in the Swiss movie “Handyman”, any further ambitions in this direction?
Manu: It is an open secret that we always wanted to do our own movie and we slowly aim for it but it should be a great story.

Have you got a favorite destination?
Jonny: I adore Italian cities.
Manu: I love to travel and the Maldives are heaven on earth!

What is typically Swiss about DivertiMento?
Jonny: Pretty much everything. I make fun of the Swiss, of how stubborn and fussy they can be, but I’m probably the same.
Manu: The safe thinking, I am not risky at all when it comes to money.

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