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Travelling with infants and children

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Please be aware, that the following article is from October 2011. The current baggage allowance and details for travelling with infants can be found on

=> Travelling with children
=> Baggage FAQ

If you have further questions, please contact our Service Center.

Some time ago we asked you to let us know what you regarded as important when travelling with children. Thank you for the many comments and interesting questions. We have now compiled your questions and provided answers. We hope you find the following information worthwhile and helpful for your preparations for your next trip with children.

Free baggage and carry-on baggage allowance:

Free baggage allowance for infants and children
In all classes of travel, infants (0-2 years of age) have an allowance of 1 piece of baggage weighing up to 23kg with total dimensions of 158 cm (L+W+D), plus a folding buggy.

Children aged 2 and up have the following free baggage allowance (same as parents):

• Economy Class: 1 piece, max. 23kg plus 1 car seat
• Business Class: 2 pieces, max. 32kg plus 1 car seat
• First Class: 3 pieces, max. 32kg plus 1 car seat

Carry-on baggage for infants and children
No carry-on baggage allowance exists for infants. But you are permitted to bring baby food on board along with a certified car seat that can be installed on your child’s seat on the flight.

Carry-on baggage allowance for parents
In addition to the adult carry-on baggage allowance, you may bring baby food on board along with a certified car seat. See below for information regarding the use of a car seat on board.

Baby buggies, children’s seats and cots/bassinettes:

Baby seat
By booking a separate seat for your infant at the children’s rate (two years of age or older), you can then use your own car or baby seat on it. This way, you will have enough room for yourself and the baby. Please ensure that the car/baby seat is certified for air travel and is appropriate to our seat dimensions (40x40cm/15.7×15.7 inches). It can be used during the cruise phase of the flight but not during take-off and landing.

Folding buggy/pushchair
Ask at check-in if you can take your folding one-piece buggy (about the size of an umbrella when folded) with you until you board the aircraft. During the flight the buggy will be transported in the cargo hold. Depending on where you are flying to, your buggy will be returned to you either when you disembark or on the baggage carousel. Larger buggies must be given up at the gate and retrieved at the baggage carousel.

We offer a baby-bassinette in all classes on long-haul flights and in Business Class on short-haul flights. It measures 70x30x20 cm and is suitable for babies up to the age of 8 months and weighing about 10 kg. It may be used during the cruise phase of the flight but not during take-off and landing.

Parents may order a bassinette at the time of booking. Because availability is limited, we advise you to book one as far in advance as possible.

Parents may also check-in the car seat. One car seat per child can be checked in free of charge.

Age and travel, conditions:

What fares apply for babies and infants?
Infants up to two years of age normally enjoy a discount of 90% off the adult fare. No booking fee applies. In such cases, the child does not have its own seat on board, sitting instead on the lap of one of its parents. No airport tax is usually charged in the case of infants but this varies from country to country. Reduced rates apply for children aged 2-11 on most routes. The usual Swiss service fee applies. The service charge is usually lower when booking online. Children aged 2 years and older have their own seat on board.

As of what age may a child travel alone?
According to international law, children under the age of 12 years are not allowed to travel alone. Children travelling without a companion are known as “unaccompanied minors” (UM), and we offer special assistance for them at the airport and on board.

Baby food:

What special meals for infants / children are available on board?
You may order a special baby meal (up to 24 months of age). The product is baby food in a jar. This is available in all classes.

First and Business Class: A children’s meal will be automatically loaded on board for children between 2 and 9 years of age. A children’s meal can be ordered separately for children up to the age of 12.

Economy Class (long-haul): A children’s meal will be automatically loaded on board long-haul flights for children between 2 and 9 years of age. A children’s meal can be ordered separately in advance for children up to the age of 12. (No children’s meal in Economy Class on short-haul flights.)

Lounge access:

If the mother/father holds a Senator card, can the entire family accompany them to the lounge?

Holders of a Senator card are entitled to visit the lounge together with a companion, including his or her own children younger than 18 years of age.

Earning miles:

As of what age can miles be earned?

Children can earn miles from the age of 2 and up at which point they occupy a seat of their own. Prior to this, they travel on the lap of their parents which means they are not entitled to earn miles before reaching their 2nd birthday.

Play areas:
The availability and location of play areas varies from airport to airport. We have no influence in this regard.
In Zurich, there are play areas in Transit A and on Dock E, and they have toys and craft items for children of all ages. All this will help to make the time fly by!


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  1. Hi,
    I’d like to know what is permitted for carrying food for infants below age two. Am I allowed to carry warm sterile water in a flask for my formula fed baby. Are there any limitations to the amount of water that can be carried to prepare formula? We have two short haul flights but there’s transit time and road travel time in between resulting in 5 hours of travel where I will not be able to get water for the baby’s formula.

  2. I haven’t received an answer from client service, so i’d like to ask here.
    I cannot see What is the policy about children (not infant) hand baggage. Are they allowed to have it or not? Is it the same one like adults or not? Thank you

  3. useless airline to fly. doesnot respect customer rights and ground staff at muscat airport is very disrepectful and stupid

    1. Hello, Thank you for your message. Unfortunately we are not able to register complaints via this channel and I would like to advise you to fill out our online form which you can find under the following link: This way your complaint will be recorded directly in our system. I am truly sorry for the inconveniences. Kind regards, Benny

  4. I found your website very interested and informative. I have read about this first time. By The way, I Have learned new things from this post. Doing an experiment gives us the inspiration of new invention.Thanks for sharing the ideas with us. Carry on!!!Your site will be more informative and more useful to Your readers.

    1. Hi Emily, Thanks for your kind words. Best regards, Benny

  5. We are planning to travel on Swiss Air next month from LAX to BCN with two small children ages 1 and 3. What is Swiss Air’s policy on which seats the car seat can be placed? We will be on a Boeing 777 with two rows for the long haul flight to ZHR. Would my wife and I would sit on the aisle seats D and G and place the two car seats in the middle seats E and F? For the second flight, we will be on an Airbus A321. Would we able to place the two car seats next to each other in seats A and B and my wife and I would sit in the aisle seats C and D? Thanks

  6. It took my wife daughter and three year old and 4 month old nearly an hour to check in at Zurich last week bevause Swiss had ” changed the regulations on push chairs…”
    two piece push chairs for the 4 month old she had to check in the wheeled piece and carry the bassinet piece.
    Total inflexibility by Swiss check in staff despite the fact that all was ok on outward journey……nightmare!

    So if you are travelling in future with small baby…unable to sit up in a pushchair…beware. You need three arms at least and a lot of patience..

    1. Dear Julian, I apologise for the unfavorable experience you may have encountered on our flight. You are welcome to lodge a formal complaint through the following link: Kind regards, Benny

  7. I remembered my first ever flight travel with my eldest son when he was just 6mos. old. All I know that I’m so well-prepared, only to find out, what I had for my baby’s thing is not enough. I even barrow a nappies to other parents on board because I forgot my son’s extra nappies 🙁 Good thing they have extras to lend. It was really a chaos. I felt so good to this kind of article helping moms like me to know what to bring on our next flight.
    Pls. visit my website for some baby travel tips article as well:

  8. Wow ! it is a lovely post to be aware while traveling at airport with kids & children. I am glad to see this post.