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About our new advertising campaign

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With the launch of our new advertising campaign last Sunday, we asked our head of Marketing, Markus Binkert, some questions about the rationale behind it and what was involved in bringing it to life.

What is the main reason for launching a new advertising campaign?
While our previous advertising has been successful, we wanted to unify our messages around a more single-minded theme that is effective on a global scale.

What can you tell us about the aims of the campaign?
Our advertising must serve multiple purposes. It must build the long term image of our brand and communicate the short-term price, destination or product messages. This campaign was designed to allow for all three to happen at once. It allows us to make it clear who we are, what our attitude is AND what we are offering. Additionally, having a single campaign globally allows us to maximize the investment we make in our advertising production. Essentially, we are getting more bang for our francs.

Which are the corner pillars of the campaign?
There are four main elements. A striking visual language that captures the premium, idealized and calm world of our airline. A focus on our iconic white cross. Headlines that talk about our attitude, philosophy and point of view. And finally, a design esthetic that reflects the refinement and simplicity of Swiss design.

Can you describe the idea of the campaign in one sentence?
You can expect all the best qualities of the Swiss from the airline of Switzerland – we promise.

What was the greatest challenge in creating and developing the campaign?

There are many airline campaigns that use very similar visual language. So while we knew we had a very unique and “ownable” message (nobody else can be the airline of Switzerland!), we needed a style that was truly different. Together with our advertising agency Publicis we decided to step out from the pack and we’re delighted to have taken that approach.
The production of the photography was very complex. The logistics and clearances required for our production team were numerous, but with the amazing generosity and cooperation of the Zurich Airport Authority, Swissport and our own operation staff, it went perfectly. Of course, having ten days of perfect weather didn’t hurt either.

Thank you Markus!

Some examples of the new advertising campaign



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  • August 29, 2016, 11:28 am

    Such a beautiful campaign! So “simple” but capturing and intense at the same time.

  • I’ll really miss the former corporate identity designed by Tyler Brûlé: modern, a step ahead. The new one is so conformist and conventional, it makes swiss a company like the others + it reminds me so much the old swissair logo. Hope there is no sign there: Swiss is my favorite airline.

  • Not too happy about this newest design. Bland and boring.

  • White is the colour of the moment – tomorrow it will not be. It is hip but not what Swiss is standing for: History, Swissness, timeless style, uniqueness! Quality and outstanding service level has nothing to do with trendy and mainstream marketing trends. Sorry Markus – but you drive away the Swiss brand from what it is all about.

  • Clever, stylish and very unique. Great execution and representation of brand and values.

  • Congratulations! This is a very nice, clean, elegant and clever campaign. Very well executed. I know what it is to work photo shoots in airports.( I have an airline as a client) I had the opportunity to travel with Swiss and it was one of the best experiences. They gave us at that time little chocolate soccer balls because of the Eurocup. Very nice detail and touch 🙂

  • Perfect Campaing. I like it very much