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Roxette on air

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Per, what is your biggest inspiration when writing a song?

Could be anything. I tend to like to write music and lyrics at the same time. They have to fit together! There are no rules and I like that.

Which of your songs are you the most proud of?
They’re all my kids!!!! The hardest ones to write are the ‘simple’ uptempo ones like “The Look”, “Joyride” or “Sleeping In My Car”.

Have you got any favourite locations where you love to perform?
Roxette have been very lucky to have super crowds all over the planet. There are no ‘bad’ places for us to perform. However, if I should pick one particular place it has to be South America. Those guys and dolls over there are very loud, most generous and totally crazy. Adorable.

What are your most favourite destinations?
I love the Maldives, I love St Tropez, I love New York. I love South Beach in Florida. I love Italy. There are more.

What do you always bring with you while travelling?
Obvious things. Credit cards, ID, cell phone, pictures of my family, a decent iPod and a smile on my face.

What is typically Swedish about Per Gessle?
I’m pretty silent until I get to know you. I think that’s a northern thing.

How did the music industry/audience change in your opinion compared to the 90s?
It’s a different game altogether. I think we were very lucky to have experienced the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s in real time. Those were the golden years. Nowadays Top 40 is extremely narrow-minded. Most artists and producers use the same technology and technical tricks which ends up quite boring if you ask me. It’s really hard to hear any difference between a Katy Perry and a Pink record! Or maybe I’m just getting old? (smiles)

How was it to play a concert at the Royal wedding of Victoria of Sweden last summer?
We had a lot of fun. Victoria and Daniel are personal friends to me and my wife. They’re extraordinary people and I’m very proud Roxette could deliver the goods on that very special day!


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