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Rescue dogs on board

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We arranged an exclusive partnership with Scuola Italiana Cani Salvataggio (S.I.C.S.), the Italian association and school for rescue dogs.

In our cooperation, we have agreed to fly 30 selected, well trained and disciplined dogs (Golden Retriever, Labrador, Newfoundlander) around the world to present them to other rescue dogs’ associations and assist other countries in emergency situations. The licensed rescue dogs are permitted to fly in the cabin on SWISS operated flights (the dogs also buy a seat, the Newfoundlander even two).

On July 28th, our team in Italy has arranged a dry boarding test onboard of LX1637 (MXP-ZRH) which was accompanied by several journalists, among them a TV team filming for the German-French TV station ARTE and a staffer of the Italian magazine ARGOS, the most read home animal magazine. The first SWISS flight of the two rescue dogs will take place early October.

About the association

The association trains 300 specialized dogs in rescuing people in distress in open water situations (lakes, oceans).The association and their training procedures are unique in this world. They collaborate closely with the Italian coast guard in various rescue centers across Italy.

The dogs are trained to fly in helicopters, jumping from 10m height into open and stormy waters to rescue persons in distress. They are able to swim for hours without any fear.