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Live chat with Holger Hätty, CCO

Chief Commercial Officer

Dear fans, followers, customers and readers
Start time: 5 PM CEST
Welcome to the live chat with Chief Commercial Officer Holger Hätty. We are ready to answer your questions now and are looking forward to this live session.
The following people are attending this session:

Holger Hätty, Chief Commercial Officer
Susanne Mühlemann, Head of Media Relations
Walter Stulzer, Managing Partner @ NOSE (branding agency)
Parand Rohani, Manager Online Marketing
Christian Lüdi, Social Media Marketing
Mathias Sulger, Intern Online Marketing
Alan Millen, Translator/Editor Brand Management

Join the live session
At 17:00, we will launch the online chat here on the blog, so make sure to be online. As we want to keep the chat stream readable, we will pick your questions from the blog entries and answer them in the live chat. You can comment or ask further questions in the comment section/chat function of the blog.

Procedure during live chat
As we expect lots of different questions, we will pick those asked most often and Holger Hätty will answer them live between 17:00-18:00. If your question cannot be answered during the chat session, we will try to answer it in a separate blog entry in the coming days, but we ask for your understanding in the event that not all questions will be answered.

Transcript of the online chat
We will offer you a transcript of the online chat after it is finished.

A quick reminder: please follow our guidelines regarding Social Media (no insulting, discriminatory, offensive or unlawful comments). You can find the full version here.


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  • want imidiate explanation please
    Online Check-in is not available for codeshare flight JJ3294 POA-GRU.

    The operating airline might offer online check-in services through their own website.

    • September 8, 2015, 2:04 pm

      Dear Ioannis,
      Flight JJ3294 is operated by TAM Airlines.
      Please go to their website for your online check-in.
      Best regards,

  • Dear Swiss, you failed us fans, followers, customers and readers, do you realize and acknowledge that?

    The chat was technically a disaster, and Mr Hätty one line answers were just a repetition of the press release and his previous interview here. Long story short: the new rebranding is perfect, and the thousands of people who question it and would like to discuss it are stupid and don’t get it.

    Good luck with on your chosen path of puristic design (probably the funniest line of the whole chat)!

  • All the SWISS bildings, have onver, the typical Cube. How will you replace this?