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Becoming a SWISS fan is really worth it!

SWISS passenger from Denmark

Hi out there!

I was the lucky winner of a trip with SWISS to Athens – including a party night in the Galaxy Bar of the Hilton Hotel in Athens on the 18th of June.

For the first time ever I flew with SWISS and it was a very pleasant experience. After the landing in Athens, I headed to the Hilton Hotel and waited eagerly for the party. Although an international DJ came all the way from Hamburg, the party – in contrast to the SWISS planes – unfortunately never took off. People rather stayed outside on the hotel’s terrace, talking, drinking and enjoying the magnificent view of old Acropolis. But I can’t blame them because it was a fantastic evening.

The day after I had time to explore Athens. At this time Greece and Athens were a hot spot. Every day there were demonstrations against the government and the policy of reduction. I visited the demonstrator’s tent camp at the Syntagma Square just below the parliament. When I was there, I also had the luck to see the big change of guards, the evzones, with their colourful dresses and funny shoes with bunny tails. Later on I went to the Acropolis Hill to have a look at the 2500 year old temples which are now in ruins. The day was finished with a nice authentic dinner at a Greek tavern: pork in wine sauce and Moussaka!

All in all I can say that it was a very great experience and I can’t wait for the next trip with SWISS – thank you!

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