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Milow on air

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After his amazing success with a cover version of “Ayo Technology” and a remarkable debut album, the Belgian singer-songwriter Milow returns with his new album “North and South”! He has also compiled an exclusive musical mix for SWISS, containing his most favourite songs and own hits. In the interview with SWISS, the likable singer talks about his musical adventure which awaits the listeners on his music channel as well as on the new album.

How did you came up with the name “Milow” and what does it stand for?
I choose that name some years ago as it is short and concise, I also wanted it to sound international. “Milow” hasn’t got a special meaning, but my given name Jonathan Vandenbroeck would have been a bit impractically.

Milow, what is your biggest inspiration when creating a new track?
I’d say to observe people and situations, personal experience and travelling.

How would you describe the difference between your last album your new record “North and South”?
I wrote this album while I was constantly touring and think that this made it very special. While songwriting I was more intuitive and tried not to think too much. When recording the songs I put the focus on the acoustic guitar. “North and South” is a hopeful as well as colourful album.

What can the SWISS passengers expect from your self created music channel?
I have tried to pick songs with value and strong voices. To me, those songs will last forever.

Which is the composition you are the most proud of?
Very difficult question! Everything I’ve done has meaning and memories attached. If I had to pick one, it would be the last one on my current album.

Have you got any favourite locations where you love to perform?
My concerts in Paris, Berlin and Madrid were amazing.

What are your most favourite destinations?
That would be North and South America, reminds me of my album’s name (laughs). Especially California I do like a lot.

What do you always bring with you while travelling?
My guitar and my notebook, they make my life a lot easier while being on the road.

What are your plans in the next couple of weeks?
I will be touring all over Europe till end of the year. Afterwards I hope to play in South America and Asia.

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