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First class tableware and lounge furniture for sale – 3

Head of Ground Product Development

Ever felt like eating off our SWISS First plates or sipping your wine from just the right glass? Here’s a chance to do so without even venturing into our First Class cabins!

Following the introduction of the new SWISS First inflight service concept, including its new Asa fine bone china and Riedel wine glasses, we are now selling off all our previous First Class tableware.

Ever since the Schengen Agreement came into effect at Zurich Airport, we have, in addition to our Lounge Center in the Schengen Zone at Gates A, been operating a SWISS Lounge in the Non-Schengen zone at Gates B. The imminent opening of the new, state-of-the-art Gates B section of the airport presented us with an opportunity to improve the positioning of our Non-Schengen Lounge. The upgrading of the entire Non-Schengen Zone will enhance the appeal of Zurich Airport for Non-Schengen connecting passengers departing from Zurich. Our Non-Schengen lounge is the only lounge in the Non-Schengen Zone at a strategically important location and as such represents a genuine USP.

We are taking advantage of this opportunity to renovate and refurnish the SWISS Lounge in line with our corporate design.

If everything goes according to plan, the opening of the new SWISS Non-Schengen Lounge will take place at the same time as the opening of Gates B, which is foreseen for December 2011.

Ahead of the renovation work we have considered what to do with the current lounge furniture. In the end we have decided to put it up for sale. I am certain that many purchasers will be delighted to place in their living, meeting or waiting room a chair that has been occupied by one VIP or another in the past.

The big sale will take place at Zurich-Airport in the Balsberg Building (Balz–Zimmermannstrasse) from June 9th – July 2nd, 2011 (closed from June 11th – June 13th due to Whitsun). The opening hours will be: Mo – Fr from 10:00 – 19:00 and on Saturdays from 10:00 – 16:00. Do stop by and pick up a few dishes and glasses for your upcoming summer grill parties!


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