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First class tableware and lounge furniture for sale – 2

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Ever felt like eating off our SWISS First plates or sipping your wine from just the right glass? Here’s a chance to do so without even venturing into our First Class cabins!

Following the introduction of the new SWISS First inflight service concept, including its new Asa fine bone china and Riedel wine glasses, we are now selling off all our previous First Class tableware.

 After a two year project with a lot of involvement from customers and cabin crew members, I am very happy that the new SWISS First Inflight Service Concept has been successfully introduced on all our long haul aircrafts as per March 2nd, 2011.

Why did we change our inflight service in SWISS First?
Our former SWISS First Inflight Service Concept was over 10 years old and only minor refreshers were introduced in the past. I can still remember when we implemented the completely new service with the two Starchefs Philippe Rochat and Roland Pierroz, and tableware designed by the Swiss architect Tilla Theus. That was quite a service revolution back then!

But since then a lot has changed, including the needs of our customers. Most of our guests use the flight times to relax from a very busy work schedule. They want an even more individualized service with more food choices. The new corporate design in the lounges and on board our new A330-300 SWISS First is very modern and bold, and the new inflight serve should reflect this.

Together with the project team, we developed new ideas and inspirations for a new service. One of our goals was to move away from the typical airline tableware and move towards a more restaurant style look and feel. Our new china is now a fine bone china, with more generous sized dishes and large glasses from Riedel. The culinary experience has reached new heights!

Of course I feel a little bit sad to sell now all the old SWISS First Porcelain as well as the glasses, as they served us very well over the years (12 years to be exact!), but I also think a lot of customers, households, start-up restaurants and aviation fans will love it. So why not give them all the opportunity to buy it?

The big sale will take place at Zurich-Airport in the Balsberg Building (Balz–Zimmermannstrasse) from June 9th – July 2nd, 2011 (closed from June 11th – June 13th due to Whitsun). The opening hours will be: Mo – Fr from 10:00 – 19:00 and on Saturdays from 10:00 – 16:00. Do stop by and pick up a few dishes and glasses for your upcoming summer grill parties!