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A Basel ABC – Part 2/2

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First Part of the Basel ABC (A-L)

M Museum
Where to start?! Basel has one of the biggest concentrations of museums worldwide, so I just go for two classics: Fondation Beyler and Tinguely Museum. The first one has a great collection of the big painters and the second one is Basel’s most famous artist.

N Novartis
And Roche, two of the world’s five largest pharmaceutical companies were founded in Basel and also have their headquarters here.

O Osteria Aqua
Is an Italian Restaurant located in an old water pumping station and serves delicious food and also very good drinks. Especially in summer, the outside lounge is THE PLACE for after-work drinks.

P Park
The former Park “Grüen 80”, now called “Park im Grünen” (park in the green), is one of the largest recreation areas in Basel and invites for a nice walk, skate, cycle and even mini-golf.

Q that is the Question
To be or not to be! Shakespeare would have loved Basel as not only museums meet the cultural needs, the Theater Basel was appointed as the Opera of the Year in 2010 (by Opernwelt Journal).

R Rhine
It is stunningly beautiful to sit next to the river Rhine (“Ryy” in dialect) in Summer and maybe take along a picnic basket. The Birs river Head, called Birsköpfli, is a very nice area to do so.

S Steinenstrasse
The famous catwalk for the city’s young crowd. Sit in one of the many Coffee Places and Bars along this street and “observe” the crowd passing by.

T Trämli

The Tram is the main public transportation and affectionately named Trämli by the inhabitants.

U Uelibier
The brewery “Fischerstube” serves the famous Basel Ueli-beer since 30 years. An institution you shouldn’t miss.

V Vogel Gryff (Bird)
Wild Maa (wild men) and the Leu (lion) are the emblem of smaller Basel, the other side of the river Rhine. The Lällekönig is the emblem of greater Basel (Lälle is an old word for toungue in dialect).

W Weather
The location of Basel has a positive influence on the weather situation. The weather is almost Mediterranean and with almost no fog in winter.

X Radio-X
Basel’s Radio-X is a non commercial radio station with different music styles and many cultural-& event tips.

Y Y for I
The Basel dialect uses mostly the “Y” instead of the “I”, for example the Rhine is in Basel dialect written “Ryy”.

Z Zooli
The Zoo is the most visited tourist attraction in Basel (with 1.7 million visitors a year) and is Switzerland’s oldest and, by animals, largest Zoo.

What’s the next thing you do? Yes, go to Basel.


DO’s and DON’Ts
Do – use the ending “li” to make words sound nicer (like the Trämli)
Don’t – use Zurich and soccer within one sentence. Those two cities are not the closest friends when it comes to soccer.


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