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Zucchero takes off again

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The Italian superstar Zucchero just released his latest album “Chocabeck” that went already multi – platinum. His music, largely inspired by blues and rock music, delights people all over the world since more then three decades now. Zucchero has wrote over 300 songs, released 15 studio albums and worked with many world-famous artists. For SWISS, he compiled an exclusive musical mix containing his own songs and personal favourites. He also told us a bit more about himself and his amazing work.

Where does the name “Zucchero” come from?
In elementary school when I was 6 years old my teacher gave me the name “Zuccherino”, this name developed soon to “Zucchero” and all my friends and family started to call me by this nickname.

How did it all started with you becoming an artist?
Music was always an important aspect of my life. I grew up in a village in Northern Italy and there was a church in front of our house. I started to learn to play the organ as it was the only way to learn an instrument for free. Later my uncle gave me a guitar.

You have done many successful duets with famous artists like Paul Young, Sting, Eric Clapton, Sheryl Crow etc, how do such collaborations start?
This has always started differently. With Paul Young for example, he heard my song “Senza una donna” while being on tour in Italy. Later, we met in a studio where he recorded his album and I did mine. The idea then came up to do a joint version of this song. Eric Clapton saw me once performing in Sicily during his stay there and I then supported him on his tour, we even played togheter at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

What is your biggest inspiration when creating a new track?
I always need an emotional input. My new album “Chocabeck” was inspired on my roots. The colours, smells and the dialect of Northern Italy. It is a journey from the morning to the evening on a day in the village and makes me feel warm and at home. The lyrics of the song “Someone Else’s Tears” were written by Bono (U2). He totally met my understanding and these words sound like a poem to me.

What do you like the most about travelling?
I do travel since I was 15 years old and just love to explore new destinations, seeing monuments and feel the vibe of an unknown place.

Have you got any favourite locations where you love to perform?
I especially like to perform during summer time, the atmosphere feels much more relaxed. And I love to be part of festivals.

What are your most favourite destinations?
South America, Argentina in particular. But I also like Cuba and Australia a lot!

What do you always bring with you while travelling?
My hat! (smiles)

What is typically Italian about Zucchero?
Well on the outside I am not the typical “Italian Stallion” (laughs), I guess I rather have got an Irish look. My Italian attributes are my passion, I love pasta and am a true family guy.

What insider tip about Italy would you give our passengers who visit your country?
Venice during carnival, one feels like on a movie set with all the masquerade and the amazing scenery. Also Rome, Taormina in Sicily, Lecce in Puglia with its baroque style and Capri.

What are your next plans?
I will be on tour this May. Once more, it will start at Hallenstadion Zurich (May 9th and 10th), a great venue with an amazing and gentle crowd!

One of 10 CDs „Chocabeck“ signed by Zucchero
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