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Our charity partner SOS Children’s Villages

Environmental & Aeropolitical Affairs

Our charity partner SOS Children’s Villages gives needy children all over the world a permanent, loving home. In its latest campaign SOS Children’s Villages shows how a 3-year-old girl in South Africa can be helped directly and efficiently for only 50 cents a day. See for yourself!

Passengers on our flights are given donation envelopes which they can use to deposit small change in any currency. The proceeds go to the international aid organisation SOS Children’s Villages. Since 2002, our passengers have donated between CHF 100,000 and 200,000 annually, either directly on board our aircraft or at Zurich and Basel airports. These funds have so far made it possible to finance seven family houses in SOS Children’s Villages in the following locations: Caldonazzo, Dar-es-Salaam, Phuket, Mombasa and Quithing/Lesotho. Last year’s contributions were used to finance a family house in the new SOS Children’s Village in Cartagena, Columbia. Regular donations from our employees are used for the monthly maintenance of a family (mother and children) at the SOS Children’s Village in Sao Paulo, Dar-es-Salaam and Phuket.

SOS Children’s Villages and we would like to thank all passengers for their generous donations. The partners are pleased to receive your small change in any currency in the special donation envelopes, which you will find in your seat pocket on your next flight with us.

For further information about our partnership click here.


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