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Inside look at Swiss WorldCargo – 5

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In my role as account manager I look after local customers of Swiss WorldCargo in Miami. Our Marketing Communication team in Zurich informed me they were sending us an SFO model aircraft.

After the arrival of LX 64 in Miami the shipment from Zurich is transferred to our service provider who handles its processing through Customs and then contacts us by telephone. He informs us that the shipment is in his hands and that once it has cleared Customs it will arrive at our office.

Alternatively, our colleagues in Zurich could have had the package shipped through a branch of Swiss Post, but the delivery would have been slightly different if they had done so.

In that scenario, the package containing the SFO model aircraft would have been submitted at a post office counter, where the relevant postage would have been charged. It would then have been placed in a mail bag for transport via courier to a distribution centre for sorting.

Our shipment would arrive at Zurich Airport along with all the other letters and packages bound for destinations outside Switzerland. At this point it would be sorted by destination. All of the material bound for Miami would be placed in a mail bag to be loaded aboard our SWISS aircraft.

Because Swiss Post always requires cargo capacity on specific SWISS flights, it purchases an annual allotment of cargo space rather than register every single item. The capacity purchased is based on historic trends. Having arrived in Miami, the package from Zurich would be first transferred to a local mail distribution centre along with other letters and packages in the mail bag. At the mail distribution centre, the items are sorted and delivered to the corresponding post offices.

The SFO model would then be sorted according to the appropriate delivery route and finally delivered to the customer by mail carrier to the address given on the package.