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SMS Irregularity Service

Manager Passenger Care Center

At SWISS we do everything within our power to ensure that our guests enjoy a pleasant, punctual flight. But despite our best efforts, a delay or, even worse, a cancellation may occur.

In such situations our primary goal is to inform customers as soon as possible so that they know about the scheduling change before they arrive at the airport. We want them to have this information as early as possible, i.e. ideally before they have left home or while they are still at the office so that they can organise their time accordingly.

As soon as it is clear that an operational change will take place, the Passenger Care Center staff follow predetermined procedures in order to inform passengers as quickly and as comprehensively as they can. One of our key tools in this regard is our “Text Message (SMS) Irregularity Service“. As the name indicates, passengers are informed via a text message to their mobile telephone about the expected length of the delay or, in the case of a cancellation, about rebooking possibilities. In general, this information is transmitted promptly once the operational problem has been determined.

In order for us to provide this smooth, reliable service, the Passenger Care Center team constantly observes and monitors the progress of flight operations. If an operational irregularity arises anywhere within our route network, the situation is discussed with Operations Control* and – along with numerous other measures – customers are informed via a bulletin to their mobile telephones.

In order for us to be able to really keep our customers up to date in such circumstances, we ask that they provide their mobile telephone number whenever they make a booking – which is something that can also be done very easily online at SWISS.COM. All members of the Miles & More frequent flyer programme who have entered their mobile telephone number in their membership profile do not need to take any further action.
The “Text Message (SMS) Irregularity Service“ is available free of charge. The service informs customers of operational changes within the 48-hour timeframe before schedule departure.

* Operations Control is responsible for ensuring that SWISS flights are operated safely, punctually, economically and in a customer-oriented manner within the framework of the Operation Command Center. In practical terms, the scope of OC’s activities comprises: fleet movement control, optimisation of production, steering of our flights operation, worldwide 24-hour troubleshooting, constant weather watch, pro-active measures with regard to foreseeable problems and summarization of daily problems for the benefit of management.


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