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KT Tunstall invites you

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After her worldwide success with songs like “Suddenly I See” or “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree”, Scottish singer-songwriter KT Tunstall returns with her third album “Tiger Suit”. She has also compiled an exclusive mix for SWISS, containing her most favourite songs and own hits! In the interview with SWISS, the passionate singer talks about the musical adventure which awaits the listeners on her music channel as well as on her new album.

KT, what is your biggest inspiration when creating a new track?
Whatever hooks me most: a melody line, a beat, a lyric, an atmosphere, an instrument or a specific emotion. And then ultimately the subject I’m writing about.

How have the songs been chosen?
I chose songs that I have heard and that have stayed with me as soon as I heard them; they all hooked me in the heart. Many choices are personal idols, and all are inspiring to me for their sound and craft.

Is there any song from another artist you wish you had written yourself?
So, so many! “Life on Mars” by David Bowie would have been a nice one to have written myself …

Which is the composition you are the most proud of?
Very difficult question! Everything I’ve done has meaning and memories attached. I have a new song which isn’t on a record yet called “Scarlet Tulip” which I’m really proud of, but I think I’m always just most excited by the most recent thing I’ve done!

What do you like most about travelling?
I think you use your eyes differently when you travel. You look, search out interest, and all your senses are focused on absorption. I think you turn into a big sponge. I like being in that state of openness.

What are your most favourite destinations?
I went up to the Arctic and sailed up the west coast of Greenland which was mind-blowingly beautiful. To relax, the Maldives are total heaven. Horse riding in Patagonia was a massive thrill, and for a culture shock and the friendliest faces – India!

What do you always bring with you while travelling?

I like keeping a journal; there are so many small details I wouldn’t remember, so writing about my travels always ends up at some point reminding me of whole adventures I would otherwise forget.

You have Irish and Chinese roots, grew up in Scotland and studied in London and Connecticut, where does KT Tunstall feel at home?
I feel very at home on a tour bus, I love the nomadic life and having your bed with you wherever you go. But I also now have a place out in a beautiful part of the English countryside where I’ve built a studio, and it is definitely my home these days.

What are your plans in the next couple of weeks ?
I’m really excited for my UK and Ireland tour in February, followed in March by some great venues across Europe, and one of my favourite places to gig – Japan!

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