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Inside look at Swiss WorldCargo – 3

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So, have you read the last blog entry? Maria has initialized an order for a “San Francisco” aircraft model to be sent to our SWISS station in Miami. PrintAvia, our give-aways logistic partner, has prepared and sent the shipment/documents (proforma invoice/packing list) and arranged the delivery of the shipment to Planzer warehouse, next door to us at Zurich Airport.

Planzer, our freight forwarder handling agent, will now scale the weight and dimensions of the packages and submit an internal delivery sheet to us. After that, we will issue the Air Waybill in the Cargospot freight forwarder handling system, book the shipment in the Swiss WorldCargo system called “Swiss Worx”, do the export customs clearance via the customs system, and print the packing barcode labels. After all of the documents have been taken care of, Planzer will deliver the shipment for us to the Cargologic acceptance point. Cargologic is our airline handling agent. They will arrange the shipment on an aircraft pallet or place it into a container and organize its transportation to the aircraft. There, the pallets or containers will be loaded by Swissport into the airplane.

I love my job. It is not only internal SWISS material that we send half way around the globe, but also extraordinary items such as jute sacks for coffee bean farmers in Samoa and bikes for holiday bikers going to the U.S, to name just two. The list is quite extensive…

I have now been here for nearly two years and every day still brings a new experience! It’s a real challenge to always try to find the very best solutions for daily problems and issues. It’s good to have a great team to work with!

By the way: the San Francisco model is presently in flight. Let’s find out how an aircraft model deboards. We’ll keep you posted!