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Inside look at Swiss WorldCargo – 2

Marketing Communication Cargo

As the Marketing Communication team we are responsible for the implementation of all strategic measures as well as give-away items. It is therefore fair to say that the model version of the “San Francisco” aircraft actually started with us.

Before we are in a position to send this model aircraft to Miami, it has already travelled a considerable distance.

The model versions of the aircraft with the distinctive livery were produced in Asia on behalf of SWISS. When the supply was ready, Swiss WorldCargo imported it into Switzerland. Because this particular article was produced specifically for SWISS its transport aboard our own aircraft was done free of charge.

But to prevent SWISS employees from making uncoordinated shipments of goods on our route network, such special cargo must first be approved by us. In cases like this we serve as the link between local producers and local Swiss WorldCargo staff. We make sure that our Asian colleagues receive all the relevant information about the shipment as early as possible.

Such internal company shipments can pose a problem however, especially if they are from Asia or scheduled for transport during the Christmas season. In both cases, SWISS aircraft are generally fully loaded with freight to be shipped, a service for which our customers have paid. Transport of their revenue-generating goods naturally takes precedence! The free internal shipments may well have to wait while, i.e. until capacity becomes available and we have approved the shipment. At that point, the goods get the green light for transport to our give-away storage facility in Basel.

At that point, SWISS staff can retrieve the articles electronically via the internal ordering platform. Because these articles are relatively large in size, they are generally shipped as cargo rather than via our internal “co-mail” system.

We, too, ordered one of these model aircraft via the platform described. Because it is ultimately bound for our station in Miami, it is first sent directly to the export office at Zurich Airport, where the next steps are organised. Our work is then completed at this point. But for others in the process chain it is just beginning….


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