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Inside look at Swiss WorldCargo – 1

Chief Cargo Officer

Dear readers,

Let’s start off with the basic: we do not have to fill up the seats in the cabin, our customers are not passengers and we do not issue tickets. We have a different brand and a different logo. We have our own website, and even our own blog. Nevertheless, we are part of SWISS and, as a matter of fact, we contribute significantly in terms of revenue and profit. Who are we? And what do we do?

Whether you have the answer already or not, there is no doubt that most of you don’t know much about us. To give you a clue, we ask you another question: Have you ever wondered what is in the “belly” of a plane? Our business consists precisely in selling the “belly capacity” of SWISS’s intercontinental aircraft and in linking it to an integrated feeding and de-feeding continental air and road transport network .

Before we finally disclose our identity, we can say that we take pride in contributing to the SWISS blog; in fact we, from Swiss WorldCargo – the Cargo Division of SWISS -, also have a lot of stories to share. And they are stories from a complex, challenging and fascinating business.

So, I am glad to introduce a new blog series called “Inside look at Swiss WorldCargo” which will be published in the upcoming weeks. During this series you will follow a model aircraft, learn how it is sent from our Head Office in Zurich to Miami. Several Swiss WorldCargo employees will talk about their part of the process chain and share their experiences with you.

We, at Swiss WorldCargo, do sales, reservations, revenue management, operations, throughout the SWISS network. Just like our colleagues from the passenger side, every day, we are committed to making SWISS a quality carrier, by sticking to the motto: “We care for your cargo.”

Enjoy the blog series.

Oliver Evans

Ps.: Have you heard about Blogistics, the air cargo blog? Read more at http://swissworldcargo.com/blogistics.


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