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In the second part of our Travel Tip series we turn our attention to the capital of Denmark. Copenhagen is located on Seeland, the country’s largest island. It is close enough to Sweden for the mainland of the neighbouring country to be visible from here.

Copenhagen can be readily explored on two wheels. Within the city centre there are many points at which bicycles are available rental free. All you have to do is pay a refundable deposit of DKK 20. Demand for the bicycles is strong, so getting off to an early start is advisable. Otherwise there may be none available.

Viewing the city from the water is an alternative to cycling around. There are many boat operators to choose from, some of which offer more than the standard harbour tour. They will take you along the narrow canals, allowing you to enjoy a wider range of cityscape vistas.

Whenever hunger strikes, a classic Danish open sandwich known as Smørrebrød is the answer. The Iva Davidsen restaurant is a Smørrebrød specialist, offering a wide range of choices. The menu is two metres long! If you have a preference for seafood, be sure to check out the Cap Horn, which you can find in the harbour zone.

Copenhagen offers an abundance of night life options. Such as the Nørrebro Bryghus pub, which brews its own beer. The staff are well versed in the variety of brews available and happy to chat with customers about the selections as well as the brewing process.

If Danish design appeals to your sense of aesthetics, a visit to Normann Copenhagen is a must. The former cinema in Østerbro now functions as a vast showroom for everything from furniture and accessories to bicycles and clothing. Up-and-coming designers can also market their own products here.

Copenhagen has much more to offer, of course. Come and see for yourself. You can now fly non-stop with SWISS from Basel as well as Zurich. Have fun in Copenhagen!


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