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Team Leader Human Resources Cabin Crew

Nicole Kobler’s dream of a career in aviation has come true. A few weeks ago she underwent and successfully passed the assessment for cabin crew members.

Cabin crew members are the public face of SWISS and it is they who create the famous SWISS atmosphere. Our demanding and interesting task is to find the right employees for SWISS. Those who wish to make their dream of a career in air transport come true are invited to attend an assessment day with us in Zurich. This first opportunity to become familiar with SWISS often involves great expectations combined with a certain degree of nervousness. We too are eager to meet and get to know the many different people who attend these sessions. Even though the assessment naturally involves tension and uncertainty, we place great importance on making this first encounter a positive experience and on establishing a good basis for a future employment relationship. We make a point of integrating SWISS culture into the assessment, during which information about the job and the company is distributed.

Our candidates are curious about working as a flight attendant. Few other lines of work are associated with so many myths or stimulate the imagination to the same degree. It is a wonderful profession that offers a great deal of variety along with the opportunity to speak various languages and demonstrate one’s ability to work within a team and one’s sense of providing service. The international blend of people within and outside the crew make every flight a distinct experience – cabin crew members rarely experience the boredom of daily routine.

Many people dream of a career in aviation. As is generally the case with things that are much in demand – such opportunities are limited. That goes for the number of trainee openings for aspiring cabin crew members. So it is that much more pleasing when an assessment day ends successfully and this dream moves a little bit closer to coming reality.

We will recruit cabin crew members again next year and are already looking forward to lively, exciting assessment days.

The recruitment team in Zurich welcomes applications and gladly provides information about a career as a flight attendant.

The contact address is:
SWISS International Airlines Ltd.
Recruitment Cabin Crew
P.O. Box
CH-8058 Zurich Airport

Further information about the application process along with the relevant form can be found here.


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  • Dear Miss Huber,

    We,Thai girls, are going to apply for the position of cabin crew Bangkok. It is not possible for us to know in advance from Bangkok recruitment team what the recruitment process is like. We are all so nervous and would like to well-prepare ourselves for the interview. This is because we would really like to join SWISS AIR. So would you kindly tell us the process and swimming test? Highly appreciate your advice.