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Kirsty – Music – Elusive and Exclusive

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The extremely talented British singer-songwriter not only composed No. 1 hits such as All Saints’ “Black Coffee” but also just released her debut album. Enjoy her inspiring music channel exclusively on SWISS with a selection of her own compositions as well as her personal favourite songs.

What inspired you the most while creating your debut album?
Different situations in life, real experiences that touch you emotionally, happiness or sometimes sadness, a moment’s observation captured in a song.

What can the SWISS passengers expect from your self created music channel?
I selected music that you can immerse yourself in, so the time flies by.

How has the list been chosen (influences, idols, thoughts,…)?
My idea was to have something personal but at the same time suitable for all moods, for all ages, for all people. I tried to mix old favorites of mine with new artists. A real eclectic mix.

What do you like the most about travelling?
I really enjoy the excitement of new destinations and how travelling expresses the fact of being on the move, not remaining stagnant. I also like the experience of discovering new things, doing it with friends and family and enjoying the anticipation of the new destination and experiences to come.

What are your most favorite destinations?
There are many places that I love and many others that I haven’t been to yet. If I have to choose I would say Oman for its peaceful landscape, the Bahamas for the color of the waters, Italy for the food and Dubai for the entertainment, especially for kids. And Arizona, I even wrote a song inspired by Arizona.

Do you also write songs on planes or while travelling?
Absolutely. Any moment can be inspiring. I remember writing some parts of “Innocence” in a plane.

What do you always bring with you while travelling?
My iPod, a notebook for the lyrics, a book and magazines to read, and my handbag… full of cosmetics!

What is typically English and Swiss about Kirsty?
Probably my most English idiosyncrasy is that I like to have the traditional English Sunday roast. I am very Swiss in my love for outdoor sports, randonee, biking and of course raclette and fondue.


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