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Zurich tip 4 – The Uetliberg

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Zurich is a fascinating international city with many facets to its personality. For the best view of the city, take the S10 urban rail link from Zurich Central Station up to the Uetliberg, which rises to 870 meters and is located in Zurich’s own “back yard”. Not far from the final stop are a restaurant and a viewing tower that is accessible all year round at no charge. The panoramic view of the city and the Alps from the top is nothing short of spectacular. In summer this is a very popular spot among romantics of all ages. A great activity in fine weather is to walk along the ridge to Felsenegg, where a cable car transports hikers down to the town of Adliswil, where they can catch a train back into Zurich. In the autumn, an Oktoberfest takes place here. During the winter, this is a great place to visit in order to be above the fog. The footpaths become sledding trails that allow you to toboggan at speed back down into the city. The pace can be quite swift so this downhill option is best suited for people who enjoy such thrills.

360° panoramic view from the Uetliberg


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