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Zurich tip 2 – The ETH Terrace

Manager Environmental & Aeropolitical Affairs

The best university in town also offers the best view in town.

On a bright sunny day one of the nicest places in Zurich is the terrace of the ETH Zurich, one of Switzerland’s main Universities. To get there, just take the red “Polybähnli” – an historic cable car that transports you vertically from the Central tram stop just over the bridge from Zurich Central Station. At your destination you’ll see why Zurich – despite its small size – is a pretty awesome city: from your standpoint you can see the lake, the mountains and all the cute little houses.

The ETH (Federal Institute of Technology) is one of Switzerland’s most famous technical universities and is often compared to MIT in the US. One of its claims to fame is that Albert Einstein spent some time there. Many students enrolled here major in IT or mathematics, which means there’s a fair chance that they will one day become CEO of one of Switzerland’s main multinationals, many of whom are currently headed by ETH alumni).

If you want to enjoy the view with a beer, go the “BQM”, which is the local student bar. It’s located right below the terrace. It’s the place with the best view in Zurich – with the bonus of affordable beer. That’s something which is hard to find in Zurich.


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