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Zurich tip 6 – Sailing down the Linth Canal

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Summertime and living is easy…

The spirit of this famous line from one of George Gershwin’s best-known tunes is alive and well in one of my favourite summer activities: drifting down the Linth Canal in a rubber dinghy. The journey begins in Ziegelbrücke and ends about two and a half hours later in the upper end of Lake Zurich near the town of Schmerikon.

This form of summer sun offers something for everyone: suntanning in the dinghy itself, loafing on an air mattress attached to the dinghy by a cord, splashing about in the water or just drifting along on the current.

The starting point of Ziegelbrücke can be reached directly from Zurich Central Station. Journey time ranges from 45 to 60 minutes.

Tip: be sure to take along enough drinks and snacks.


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