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SWISS Inside – The first flight

Cabin Crew Member in Training

Yesterday was day one on the job. I was ready for my first flight, destination Moscow. I was naturally excited at the prospect of this “legendary” flight. But let’s start at the beginning. Of course I arrived at OPS much too early. Two hours before the briefing I looked through my documentation for the tenth time. I wanted to make sure I was ready for everything.

The time at the OPC went by quickly however. There was a lot to see everywhere. For a while I watched the other flight attendants, and it was nice to see how many of them knew each other. I repeatedly heard someone say: “Hey, great to see you again. How are you doing? Where are you coming from? Where are you flying to?”

About 20 minutes before the start of the briefing I met Sara, who would be my mentor on my first flight. Sara has been flying since the days of Swissair and I doubt that there is anything that she doesn’t know.

Shortly afterward, our briefing began and I got to know the crew. Two of them started flying just a few months before me. It was interesting to see how comfortable they seemed on the job.

After our bags had cleared the security checkpoint, which is obligatory for us flight attendants too, we boarded the crew bus to the aircraft. Passengers from the inbound flight were still leaving the aircraft and so we had to wait a few minutes until they were all gone. And then the big moment arrived. We boarded the aircraft and my actual work as a flight attendant officially began. I started off in the Economy Class galley, where we checked to make sure all of the meals had been loaded. We had not been on board very long before the new passengers started taking their seats.

After that, everything went by very fast. It seemed that we had barely taken off and all of a sudden we were already landing in Moscow. We were on the ground for a short time and before long we again heard: “Cabin Crew, take-off in one minute”.

On the flight from Moscow to Zurich I made a mistake. I had been waiting for something to go wrong. And it did. The meal service did not include any warm buns because trainee F/A Nicole Kobler burned them. 😉 Oh dear … Sara was trying to save them sort of but since they had been in the oven for 20 minutes we decided that it was better not to serve them.

As the passenger load on the return flight was relatively light I was permitted to “briefly” visit the cockpit. It was really interesting. The two pilots gave me a first insight into work of a cockpit crew. Maybe I should apply to become a pilot one day!

The flight from Geneva to Zurich was a piece of cake. Within minutes of taking off we were already making our approach.

When we found ourselves back in the OPC I had the feeling that I only just boarded the aircraft in Zurich.

We all bid each other goodbye. Once I was sitting down in the train I then realised just how tired I was!


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