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SWISS Inside – Uniform

Cabin Crew Member in Training

Since we started wearing our uniform a few days ago we no longer look any different from our more experienced cabin crew colleagues. Wow!

When I put on my uniform for the first time I was really excited. I got out of bed almost an hour too early because I wanted to be sure that I would have enough time ;-).

While waiting at the station for the train to Zurich Airport, I repeatedly looked around to see if people noticed that I was wearing my uniform for the first time. But of course no one was aware of my sense of excitement.

When I finally arrived in the classroom I hardly recognised my classmates. How good everyone looked! The aura of pride was almost tangible and at last we all had the feeling of belonging to SWISS.

The programme for the day was a thrill for the women in particular: the morning was dedicated to beauty and styling tips!!! We spent the morning session learning the fine art of applying make-up while the men were able to relax under a refreshing face mask. In the afternoon it was time to turn our attention to hair. This time the men got their fair share of attention too. They were able to have their hair cut free of charge while we women experiment with complicated “up-do” styles.

Within a single day we transformed our appearance to become perfect flight attendants. Now we have to fine-tune our knowledge of safety, medical and service matters so that we can continue to wear our uniforms with pride.

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