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SWISS Inside – My life at the airline

Cabin Crew Member in Training

The countdown has started. In less than a week from now I will start my course to become a cabin crew member, specifically a flight attendant, and will soon be working beyond the clouds!

One week in which I simply have to overcome my fear of flying. No, of course I don’t suffer from fear of flying.

My thoughts have been constantly revolving around the same subject for some time now: Swiss International Air Lines! I am looking forward to this new challenge and to becoming part of this group of smartly-dressed professionals who continue to draw inquiring looks from others at the airports all over the world, even though flying has long been a normal element of everyday life.

Soon I will be going to Zurich Airport every day and enjoying the wonderful, international, constantly busy atmosphere all around me. When the big moment comes I will have to take a deep breath and probably shake my head in disbelief that I am in fact on board. Then I will smile and start the day. I am looking forward to this different working life, one which knows no routine and which daily brings me in contact with new people and takes me to new destinations.

When I first greet passengers as they board the aircraft I hope I will think back to this day. Will my new job be as I imagined it? Will I be thick-skinned enough to keep on doing my job in a professional and service-oriented way even if some passengers try my patience?

But stop! Let’s get back to the here and now. Before I am allowed to board an airplane, I have some learning to do – down on the ground. The four-week course will surely be as exciting as the flying afterward! Aircraft, safety, cultures, religions etc. – interesting subjects and a wealth of knowledge that will prove valuable a whole life long.

One more week to go …

… SWISS, I am ready! Make me rich – rich in life experience!


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