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SWISS Inside – Catching the flying bug

Cabin Crew Member in Training

24 hours. That’s exactly how long it took for me to catch the flying bug. Resistance = 0!

Yesterday at 08:15 marked the start of my first day at Swiss International Air Lines. I found myself together with 21 other cabin crew “newbies”. After a brief round of introductions, the initial silence was quickly broken. Particularly when one of my classmates called out: “Hey, Nicole, you’re the one from the blog!”. The ice was then well and truly broken and lively conversations suddenly broke out everywhere.

We sat down at our tables and stared in awe at the mountain of information in front of us. Binders, books, notebooks and more binders.

Our instructors explained with a smile that we would be spending the next four weeks absorbing this information. In fact, we have no choice if we intend to pass the examination!
The two-day course simply flew by (pardon the pun).

We mainly focused on the appearance and presentation of a cabin crew member. Our course instructors fielded question after question, and I was astonished by their patience. They took time to provide a thorough answer for every question.

This day, too, was over almost before we realised it.

Our heads spinning from information overload, we left the SWISS AviationTraining building, chatting animatedly with each other. All of a sudden one member of the group called out: “Look, the SWISS San Francisco aircraft has just taken off!” Twenty-two aspiring cabin crew members looked skyward and for a moment it was almost as quiet as on the first morning when we saw each other for the first time.


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