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Dear readers, customers and SWISS fans

Social Media Manager

Dear readers, customers and SWISS fans

Our blog topic San Francisco topic is now finished. Some of you might be relieved ;-). We learned a great deal with this introductory topic, for example that the texts were too long.

Because your opinion is very important to us, we ask you to give us feedback about the blog. What did you like so far? What would you improve? We are also happy to receive suggestions about future topics. If you have any input, feedback or ideas, feel free to send either a comment or an e-mail to socialmedia@swiss.com.

You are also welcome to suggest topics of personal interest to you. Let us know if there is something you have wanted to find out about for a long time or if you have a particular interest in an aspect of our company.

We hope you’ll keep on reading and enjoying our blog and look forward to receiving your feedback!

Best regards from Zurich Airport,
SWISS Social Media Team


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  • It is very nice and interesting contents.
    By the way I am awaiting new business class seat for
    ZRH – NRT 🙂

    Kimura Yasuhiko

  • I’d like you guys to post once a month an update about your fleet, for example writing when the new A330-300 are delivered and where they fly.

  • Einen Beitrag über Cabin Crew Members wäre super (was sie so erleben auf ihren Flügen, Interviews, etc.).

    M. Meier

  • good effort – I like your social networking push!
    the SA report was a bit long for my taste and yes, the texts where quite just a bit too exhaustive. keep it up! like your guys attitude, Mark

  • Sorry, I didn’t mean to post the above anonymously. There really no profile fitting.

    Carlo Ratzersdorfer

  • While it’s good for some that you opened again in San Francisco, it’s not the world shaking event Swiss made it to be. It was oversold and full of factually useless information.
    Painting the plane in psychedelic colours is a nice touch, but after seeing it twice, once in Zurich and once in SFO, one has seen it.
    I hope Swiss will be more succint with new destinations in the future.
    It would also be nice to get a response on not so positive points raised by business class passengers. After all they are Swiss’ high revenue passengers.