Sunday, June 1, 2014

SWISS on Instagram (FlySWISS)

This month in June on our Instagram account we will again take you to the skies. Join our A320 First Officer Sales Wick and let him show you his world as a SWISS pilot. Enjoy some insights and view of his fascinating job above the clouds.

Sales Wick, First Officer Airbus A320-Family

Dear followers and fans of SWISS. My name is Sales and I will be your Instagramer in June. I am happy to give you some insights into my work as a First Officer on the Airbus A320-family that serves our short-haul network. Further, I will take you along to some of my days as a simulator- and theoretical knowledge instructor in our type-rating training. I joined SWISS four years ago after completing my basic training at SWISS Aviation Training in 2010. In the upcoming month I will be regularly sharing photographs taken during my days at work, either above the clouds or at our training facilities.

I grew up in central Switzerland close to Lucerne and completed an apprenticeship as a technician before starting the training to become an airline pilot. During my time off I enjoy doing sports as much as I can and like to travel to places I don’t get to visit during work.

We operate a total of 37 Airbus aircraft of the A320-family to our various European destinations out of Zurich and Geneva and even fly to some holiday destinations on behalf of Edelweiss.

Destinations I enjoy the most are the ones with certain characteristics, for instance the short flight from Zurich to Nice, Coté d’Azur. It’s one of the most scenic routes in our network. Especially flying over the Alps and seeing all the beautiful peaks passing underneath as well as the challenging approach into the airport of Nice is nothing but breathtaking.

Enough for now: Welcome on board! 

I hope you enjoy the photographs I get to share with you, follow us @FlySWISS.

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