Sunday, December 29, 2013

Force Majeure (My sky-high life)

Every hopeful cabin crew applicant knows that they will be asked in the interview process about their flexibility and adaptability to unforeseen consequences that might occur during their duty, such as delays or force majeure.

By Lilia Mironov, Cabin Crew Member

Many aspiring individuals choose this job because they are curious and adventurous, think outside of the box and are prepared to deal with the unpredictable. Routine is not a subject that fits the job description – this is the most exciting career imaginable!

Over the years I have encountered quite some unforeseen events and delays. I remember when 9/11 happened, I was on a three night layover in Tokyo. We will always remember where we were that day, regardless of our career paths. It has been one of the most haunting experiences in my life and from my perspective 9/11 made us bond as crew members. The solidarity we hence developed towards each other and towards other airline colleagues was one of a kind and for me, and it still continues. But there’s also been so called events of higher power that have enchanted me – mainly being snowed in in an attractive city!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Insight into a delay (My ski-high life)

"Your flight has been delayed...". Being a passenger on a flight that is delayed or even cancelled is very annoying, but the crew also faces some challenges in such situations. Here is a glimpse about what happens behind the scenes (and closed cockpit doors).

By Mathias Iwersen, Co-Pilot

When asked by passengers why a particular flight is delayed, there is sometimes just no good answer. Most of the time the inbound aircraft arriving from another airport is already delayed by some minutes, which makes the time for all ground duties (loading and unloading, cleaning, catering, crew change, etc) very tight. The reason for those delays is sometimes the dense arrival traffic in Zurich, a slow boarding at the departure airport or passengers not showing up, therefore making a baggage search necessary. Especially during wintertime such delays can accumulate during the course of the day and combined with de-icing and unfavourable departure slots your pilots and crew cannot do a lot against it.

Besides those small and sometimes hard to explain delays there are also the really major delays, which are xplainable but way more disturbing. Such a delay happen very rarely, but when it does, it is then most likely due to a technical problem with the airplane. For us pilots the safety of our passengers, crew and airplane is always the first priority. That is why we involve the maintenance team right away to help us solve the problem and to coordinate the next steps, from a small system reset to changing the aircraft, which is the worst case option.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

SWISS on Instagram (FlySWISS)

Julia Schuchardt, Marketing Scandinavia & Finland

This month Julia, Marketing Manager for SWISS in Scandinavia, will provide you with a look behind the scenes during a very exciting month that will include, for example, insights about an Instagram contest running at Oslo Airport and a new connection to Geneva.

Hello everyone, nice to “meet” you! My name is Julia and I am working as Marketing Manager for SWISS in Scandinavia. Three years ago I moved from Germany to Sweden and really fell in love with this country. I am very much looking forward to taking over the FlySWISS Instagram account for the month of December. My plan is to provide you with some insights about what is going on in the Nordic markets. We have some exciting projects coming up, such as the launch of our new connections to Geneva. Most probably I will be on the first flight from Stockholm to Geneva – so let’s cross our fingers and hope that I can provide you with some nice shots from the cockpit, too. Personally, I also love to travel around the world during my leisure time. Let’s see where I will go during the upcoming Christmas holidays - of course I will keep you posted on that. Bye for now and see you soon on Instagram! Thank you for following @FlySWISS.