Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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Philipp Bonkatz, Revenue Management & Pricing

Aloha everyone!

This is Phil from Zurich! Again someone from Zurich you might think? Well – it is where our head office is located, and I am proud to have been working for SWISS for more than three years now. I am in the Revenue Management department, together with around 40 colleagues who are responsible for the pricing and optimisation of our flights. Imagine what a workload that would be for one person only! As I am originally from Berlin – our most recent destination of the month – you can also expect one or two pictures from my hometown! In general, travelling is more than a hobby for me – it is just so appealing to see new places and get to know new cultures all over the world. And, ideally, enjoying the lovely weather! So some other travel impressions might follow :-).

Feel free to comment and ask questions while following the month of April on SWISS Instagram – I am looking forward to it!

Mahalo and cheers for now from ZRH


  1. Thanks for this, I really appreciate what you have done here. Keep it up, and I will be back for more.

  2. Its a great move to have the younger staff, who are more social-media savvy, contribute to the blog. Great idea, SWISS!

  3. Hi Phil, when will Swiss return to EZE with its own plane?(not code share) Daniel

  4. Hey Phil, look forward to seeing more photos of your hometown.

  5. @Anonymous:

    An airline always has to evaluate how to operate their aircraft to the optimal extend. Since we are limited in amount of aircraft and the demand for EZE as a single destination is not fulfilling the needs, it is not planned currently to operate a direct service. It is rather optimal to have our partner airlines who offer also a high standard to their passengers (to GRU with LX or via FRA direct to EZE).

    I hope I could help you.


  6. why doesnt SWISS introduce a special one way tariff as does SAS and BA,when your pax miss their flts due own mistake?
    surely it must be far better than offering the pax a return he/she will never use and is for the sole purpose of bring the overpriced fares to an affordable fare for your pax,it also means lost revenue as a pax booking later will not have the change to book the T.L.E. fares as they are taken for the return flights that nobody will use !!!!. which is just crazy...