Friday, July 27, 2012

New On Board (My sky-high life)

Kristina Roder, Cabin Crew Member in Training

After four weeks of basic training, today is the day of my first proper flight as a cabin crew member! You can surely imagine how excited I am and also a bit nervous at the same time.

For the past three weeks we have worked exclusively on reacting to crisis scenarios: fire on board, loss of pressure in the cabin, medical emergencies. After the second week I dreamed about airplane crashes and internalised the commands "Emergency! Open Seat Belt! Evacuate!" Contrary to general opinion, cabin crew members are on board primarily for safety reasons, rather than just to serve orange juice, coffee and meals. We spent only one week learning the service routines.

Today and during the introductory flights ahead I will still have a lot to learn and try out. The layout of a galley, for example, still puzzles me. And many more challenges may well arise in connection with passenger wishes, language difficulties and cultural differences. Dealing with such situations will require a great deal of sensitivity and empathy. I’m looking forward to experiencing these challenges and know my abilities will be really tested in the process. The claim could be made that a lack of practical skills and experience with direct customer contact is due to my life up to this point as a student. After all, students tend to be engaged with rather theoretical and abstract issues. But like most of my colleagues, I also had a job during my student years. But there is no doubt that providing smooth service at an altitude of 10,000 metres will certainly be a challenge for me and all the other new cabin crew members. I look forward not only to these on-board experiences but also to sharing them with you here!

P.S. In my leisure time I write a blog called A Cocktail A Day, travel a good deal and enjoy dining with friends and family.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Missing Baggage Report online

SWISS and Swissport have teamed up to enable you to submit missing baggage reports at Zurich Airport online and save time in the process.

Thomas Baumann, Ground Services Communication & Relation

When it comes to dealing with missing baggage, Zurich Airport ranks among the leaders thanks to solid teamwork on the part of all players involved. In 2011, for example, only seven pieces of baggage per thousand failed to be transported on the same aircraft as their owner.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Anytime – SWISS on Facebook and Twitter (24/7)

Ever since the volcano eruption of April 2010 that prompted our participation via Facebook and Twitter in the resultant crisis communication, we have wanted to expand our Customer Service unit to include social media as a communication resource. On one hand, we were aware that you who make up the social media community desired such a presence, and on the other hand the dialogue with you is central to our social media commitment. That day has now arrived!

Roberto Dalla Palma, Team Leader Service Center Basel (Leader of the Service Center Social Media team)
Christian Lüdi, Social Media Manager
(Project head for Service Center @ Social Media)

Some agents of the Service Center Social Media team from Capetown (left-hand side) and Basel (right-hand side)

Following a phase of intensive planning, training, the creation of guidelines and manuals and much more, we are now accessible 24 hours per day and seven days per week via Facebook and Twitter. There are many new elements for your benefit. Your queries will now be handled directly by our Service Center agents. The advantage here is that we can now offer you much more in terms of service (e.g. answers to questions about our services, booking special meals, and questions regarding your own booking, general questions about the flight experience  and much more).