Monday, July 2, 2012

Anytime – SWISS on Facebook and Twitter (24/7)

Ever since the volcano eruption of April 2010 that prompted our participation via Facebook and Twitter in the resultant crisis communication, we have wanted to expand our Customer Service unit to include social media as a communication resource. On one hand, we were aware that you who make up the social media community desired such a presence, and on the other hand the dialogue with you is central to our social media commitment. That day has now arrived!

Roberto Dalla Palma, Team Leader Service Center Basel (Leader of the Service Center Social Media team)
Christian Lüdi, Social Media Manager
(Project head for Service Center @ Social Media)

Some agents of the Service Center Social Media team from Capetown (left-hand side) and Basel (right-hand side)

Following a phase of intensive planning, training, the creation of guidelines and manuals and much more, we are now accessible 24 hours per day and seven days per week via Facebook and Twitter. There are many new elements for your benefit. Your queries will now be handled directly by our Service Center agents. The advantage here is that we can now offer you much more in terms of service (e.g. answers to questions about our services, booking special meals, and questions regarding your own booking, general questions about the flight experience  and much more).

A few more key points:
  • Language (day): English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
    Languages (night): English and German
  • For technical reasons, it is not yet possible to make a flight booking via Facebook or Twitter. We are keeping an eye on this option, however, and hope that we’ll be able to introduce it at a later date.
  • Complaints still cannot be processed through social media because this requires documentation from you. As is currently the case, complaints are to be submitted using contact form on SWISS.COM and will be processed by another team.
  • It may occur that one of your comments is not displayed on our Facebook wall because Facebook has erroneously classified it as spam. In such cases, we ask to simply repost your comment so that we can handle it. Basically, we do not delete anything except spam and inappropriate comments (with racist or sexist content).
With this new service we aim to facilitate fast, direct and straightforward two-way communication. We are very pleased to offer you this new service and hope that you too are enthusiastic about it. See you soon, either on board or on Twitter and/or Facebook!

Best regards,
Roberto & Christian

Christian Lüdi
Roberto Dalla Palma


  1. bonjour,

    bien joli votre site, mais vous pourriez prévoir un traducteur, français et allemand.

    donc inutilisable pour les personnes ne parlant pas l'anglais.
    C. Oneyser

  2. Hallo zusammen
    Ich habe Swiss am 3.7.2012 einen Brief geschickt aber höre gar nichts. Ich möchte das nicht unbedingt öffentlich machen aber so langsam finde ich wirklich, es dürfte eine Antowrt kommen.
    Edith Staller

  3. Hallo, haben bei der Swiss einen Flug mit TAP nach Porto gebucht, bezahlt und sind auch geflogen. Jedoch betr. der fehlenden Milengutschrift heisst es nach der Reklamation: wir seien nicht auf der Passagierliste! Haben die Buchungsnummer etc. angegeben. Was ist das für ein Service?
    Erich Brütsch

  4. @Edith
    Es tut uns leid, dass du bis jetzt noch nichst gehört hast. Bitte schick uns die Details an und wir werden es umgehen weiterleiten mit dem Vermerk, dass sich jemand bei dir meldet.

    Es tut uns leid, dass es nicht geklappt hat. Wir haben deine Buchung gefunden und werden die Meilengutschrift umgehend veranlassen.

    Herzliche Grüsse

  5. Meine Reise von AMS-SIN-SYD-SIN-AMS (von April 2012 fehlen immer noch)!!!!!
    Lilian Bolgiani

  6. @Lilian

    Auch das tut uns natürlich leid. Bitte schick uns ein Email mit der Buchungsreferenz und den Details an

    Herzliche Grüsse

  7. Guten Tag! ich lebe als Schweizer in den USA und habe einen Swiss Flug in die Schweiz gebucht. Meine Resident Card application verzögert sich und ich weiss nicht ob ich das Land verlassen kann. Können Sie mir sagen ob und wie ich meinen Flug ändern oder stornieren kann und vor allem MIT WELCHER FRIST BEVOR ABFLUG? Die E-ticket Nummer beginnt mit 724.
    Herzlichen Gruss und besten Dank für Ihre Antwort!

  8. Kann ich anstelle eines Koffers auch eine Karton-Box (<158cm /22kg)als Freigepäck einchecken?
    Vielen Dank für eine baldige Antwort und freundliche Grüsse

  9. I am becoming increasingly unhappy about the service Swiss is providing lately. I was taking the last flight to Brussels on July 6. The info screen notified about one hour delay. Fine. When the boarding procedure started an hour later, the young ground crew girl was reading into the intercom what the passangers have to do, did not say a single word about the delay, what was the cause of it, not to mention that she did not even utter a word of apology. As a minimum level of curtesy, she should have said a sentence or two that how sorry Swiss was about the delay. When I mentioned it to her, that she should have at least said sorry, she was staring at me, without saying a word. I could have talked to the Matterhorn. I seriously doubt if she had even comprehended what the issue was.

    Even worse happened just last night. I was flying back from London City Airport. The flight was supposed to leave at 19:45. An sms arrived before, that there would be some 30 minutes delay. Fine, at least there was communication. The 30 minutes then became 55 minutes. We got into the airplane one hour later, and were sitting there for an additional hour before taking off. So we arrived to Zurich at 0:15, instead of the scheduled 22:15.
    Just catched the 0:41 train to Zurich Hbf. There was no more train running from there. I left my car at Richterswil station, so I had to take a cab. Instead of the CHF 6.80 train ticket, the taxi cost me CHF 154. (Not to mention, that the driver did not accept credit card, and we couldn't find an ATM in Richterswil, so we had to drive to Wollerau where I knew where an ATM was, took out cash, then drove back to Richterswil to my car.) I got home just before 2 am.

    There was no offering of taxi vouchers at arrival, which Swiss should have done as a minimum, when a flight is arriving in the middle of the night due to two hours delay. Nothing like that. This is not what expected from Swiss...:-(((((( And I am a frequent flyer....

  10. Hello,

    would you be able to help? I have booked 3 persons travelling to BOS tomorrow (arriving in ZRH from different directions)... Now I got the invitation for the web-checkin (thank you very much), but when i try and select seats on the zrh-bos flight it shows no seats available for selection? ... the flight is leaving tomorrow and I am not able to select a seat of my choice for 3 pax???

    I called your service center in Zurich and got the answer that the flight is full and "that the computer has assigned seats already" and I was ofference ONE seat in row 43 for TWO PEOPLE ??!! Well, we actually paid for 3 seperate tickets so why does your staff suggest one seat for two...

    When I booked the flights in April'12 i called the service center to ask for pre-assigned seats and was told this was not an option and I should select my preferred seat via the web-checkin 24 hours before my flight.. now I was told, sorry, seats pre-assigned so the party of 3 is now sitting on either side of the plane... great start for a holiday...

    trying to call your web-checkin support number from outside Switzerland is a mission impossible (+41 848 555 100) this number does not work... thanks for the great customer support!

    Now is there an option to get the party of three travelling on your serivce to BOS tomorrow next to each other, or at least behind each other on seat A/B and/or J/K - this would greatly enhance the holiday feeling of all three concerned, as this trip was booked over 4 months ago, and now this...

    Thanks, and best regards,
    Norbert Pflug-Hofmayr - M&M FTL member

    1. you nention "Anytime – SWISS on Facebook and Twitter (24/7)" ... am I to expect a reply at some stage... it's been now nearly 2 hours, and if you promote yourself "anytime 24/7" I would understand something a little faster in terms of reaction!


  12. Hello,
    I am flying to london from athens via geneve. My question is should i take my suitcase when i arrive to geneve and do another check in or not... The other flight is a swiss flight but it sais with european air aircraft.
    thanks in adition

  13. I am Swiss and proud of SWISS. I love flying SWISS and travel a lot. Hence on each flight I will out the feedback form, which I have to ask from the crew. Until now, I have just received two emails saying, you will get back to me soon, but never heard anything anymore. Also to my other feedbacks. There are for sure six a year. Be it positive or negative, I always do that, just to improve your quality.

    And now, you have no feedback forms anymore on board.

    Loosing face, quality and image, SWISS!