Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New gateway to Switzerland: London City - Basel

If you thought that we had enough flights connecting the UK and Switzerland you would have been correct. We however would disagree.

Christian Apthorpe, Intern Marketing UK

Good news travellers, we have decided that 33 daily flights from the UK to Switzerland isn’t enough and as a result have recently announced the launch of yet another service – London City to Basel. The re-opening of the old London City to Basel route started on May 21st and is operated on a twice daily (12 times weekly) frequency.

This new route leaves you spoilt for choice when travelling with us between the UK and Switzerland. Whether you are travelling on business, flying between the business hubs of London and Basel, or a leisure traveller looking to discover another picturesque area of Switzerland, there is a flight to suit everyone.

This new route focuses on the destinations and schedules that are right for you, but that’s not all – Basel is located on both sides of the Rhine in the three-country-corner of Switzerland, offering easy access to Germany and France. So you can discover and explore 3 countries in one trip. See how thoughtful we are at SWISS?

As here at SWISS, our top priority is personalized care. We treat each customer as an individual, while balancing this with a respect for their privacy. We know how unbearable it is when you’ve finally relaxed in the nest you’ve made onboard, and you’re drifting off… when someone knocks into you or offers you a beverage that you’re clearly not in need of in your slumber! We understand your needs and as a result we are recognized for our world-renowned traditional Swiss hospitality.

We already fly to Zurich 7 times daily and to Geneva 4 times daily from London City Airport, offering a total of around 35 flights a day from all over the UK to Switzerland, therefore making it the airline with the most frequencies between the two countries. Not that we like to brag! This is however the reason why we are the national airline of Switzerland.

Did I mention there was also free chocolate?

- There is.

What more could you ask for from an airline? We hope to see you on board soon.


  1. Swiss Air are an excellent airline but their direct flight link from the North West of England has been abandoned for the City of London route which has made it very difficult & expensive for the person in the North West region to travel to Basel.

    The City of London Airport is difficult to get to unless you live in the South of England & the London area already has many other airlines flying to Basel.

    No direct flights by Swiss Air from the North West of England & flying via Zurich to Basel is not the best option as it's more expensive, stressfull, longer & hard work carrying your luggage which makes it a difficult & hard task to get to Basel.

    No more Swiss Air chocolates for me....Signed an unhappy ex Swiss Air customer.

  2. I agree entirely with "Anonymous". Swiss appear to be bragging about more flights to Basel at the same time as they are cutting the flights from Manchester. Our son lives in Basel and we visit regularly flying direct from Manchester. The route via Zurich looks as if it will cost twice as much and, obviously, take longer. As pensioners this has come as a serious disappointment to my wife and I. We feel completely let down and angry with Swiss for this deterioration in service

    1. I would like Swiss to introduce flights between Basel and Dublin.

  3. Swiss Air are boasting about the new Basel route from the City of London but leading to the discontinuation of the direct service from Manchester- a big body blow to people who used to travel directly to Basel myself included.

    The Zurich route to Basel is longer, more expensive, extra time involved so has made the journey to Basel a nightmare compared to what it was. I too am stunned at what Swiss Air has done to the direct flights from Manchester to Basel. There was no announcement at all that the direct Manchester to Basel route was being terminated. The London area already has many direct flights to Basel so as an ordinary traveller it's a complete surprise to see that Swiss Air want to compete in the London area.

    I too am very angry & unhappy with whats happened to the direct flight service from Manchester by Swiss Air it's a complete disaster for travellers like me!

  4. I am also very disappointed and angry at the way SWISS International Airlines has stopped the Basel Manchester route and the way this blog has been written, as I used the flight a lot and I know it was always busy, so I ask Mr Apthorp to explain the reasons why it was stopped and if it is coming back in the future.

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