Monday, September 19, 2011

SWISS Taste of Switzerland (Schaffhausen) 2/2

Mathias Sulger, Intern Online & Social Media Marketing at SWISS

There are considerable differences between preparing meals in an aircraft galley and doing the same thing in a restaurant kitchen. For the chefs involved in SWISS Taste of Switzerland, creating menus for airline inflight service is always a great challenge. Considerable time passes until their creations are actually served on dishes in the aircraft.

Many points have to be taken into consideration when it comes to food on board. For example, certain types of food and ingredients are not really suitable for an aircraft galley, due, for example, to issues with digestion. Raw food, too, is problematic. We also avoid products that are questionable on ethical grounds. The first major challenge for the guest chef masterminding the meals and for Gate Gourmet, the caterer later preparing the culinary creations in large volume, is to find the right ingredients.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Roxette on air

Interview: Manuela Gretener, Manager Inflight Entertainment
Photos: EMI Music

Per, what is your biggest inspiration when writing a song?
Could be anything. I tend to like to write music and lyrics at the same time. They have to fit together! There are no rules and I like that.

Which of your songs are you the most proud of?
They’re all my kids!!!! The hardest ones to write are the ‘simple’ uptempo ones like “The Look”, “Joyride” or “Sleeping In My Car”.

Have you got any favourite locations where you love to perform?
Roxette have been very lucky to have super crowds all over the planet. There are no ‘bad’ places for us to perform. However, if I should pick one particular place it has to be South America. Those guys and dolls over there are very loud, most generous and totally crazy. Adorable.

What are your most favourite destinations?
I love the Maldives, I love St Tropez, I love New York. I love South Beach in Florida. I love Italy. There are more.

What do you always bring with you while travelling?
Obvious things. Credit cards, ID, cell phone, pictures of my family, a decent iPod and a smile on my face.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SWISS Travelblog Award 2011 (en français)

Daniel Bärlocher, Head of Corporate Communications

Avis de concours pour le SWISS Travelblog Award 2011

Chère Madame, Cher Monsieur,

Les SWISS Media Awards sont devenus une véritable référence pour la presse du voyage et de l’aviation. La preuve en est la qualité des articles qui nous ont été soumis ces dernières années. Nous avons aujourd’hui le plaisir de vous faire part de l’ouverture d’un nouveau concours destiné aux rédacteurs de blogs du voyage.

Les médias sociaux sont un canal de communication de plus en plus utilisé. SWISS s’engage résolument dans cette voie. Le premier Travelblog Award rend hommage à la montée en puissance des nouveaux médias tout en saluant et en soutenant les contributions de grande qualité.

Le Travelblog Award récompensera les textes les plus captivants, distrayants et informatifs, qu’il s’agisse de comptes-rendus de voyages, de reportages ou de conseils touristiques. Ne tardez pas à nous faire parvenir le lien vers le meilleur article de votre blog.

La remise du SWISS Travelblog Award aura lieu en janvier 2012 dans la tour de contrôle historique de l’aéroport de Zurich. La date exacte vous sera communiquée ultérieurement.

SWISS Travelblog Award 2011 (auf Deutsch)

Daniel Bärlocher, Head of Corporate Communications

Ausschreibung des SWISS Travelblog Awards 2011

Sehr geehrte Blogger und Medienschaffende

Der SWISS Media Award hat sich im Reise- und Aviatik-Journalismus etabliert. Das haben uns die hochwertigen Teilnehmer-Beiträge der vergangenen Jahre eindrücklich verdeutlicht. So freuen wir uns, in diesem Jahr erstmals einen Award für den besten Travelblogbeitrag zur vergeben.

Social Media wird zu einem immer bedeutenderen Kommunikationskanal. Wir engagieren uns stark in diesem Bereich. Mit der Vergabe des ersten Travelblog Awards möchten wir die Wichtigkeit der neuen Medien vorantreiben und qualitativ hohe Inhalte fördern und unterstützen.

Der Travelblog Award prämiert die spannendsten, faszinierendsten, aber auch informativsten Reiseberichte, Reisereportagen sowie Reisetipps.
Schick uns am besten heute noch den Link zu Ihrem Blogartikel zu.

Die Verleihung des SWISS Reiseblog Awards findet im historischen Kontrollturm am Flughafen Zürich im Januar 2012 statt. Das genaue Datum wird noch bekanntgegeben.

Friday, September 9, 2011

SWISS Taste of Switzerland (Schaffhausen) 1/2

Mathias Sulger, Intern Online & Social Media Marketing at SWISS

Are you familiar with SWISS Taste of Switzerland? Whether yes or no, we’d like to tell you a bit about how this inflight catering concept works.

With the culinary concept SWISS Taste of Switzerland our airline aims to serve culinary highlights from Switzerland to First and Business Class passengers on all intercontinental flights out of Switzerland, selected flights to Switzerland and longer flights within Europe. Under the scheme, we work closely together for around three months with a leading chef from a particular region of Switzerland, who creates meals for our inflight service. Several criteria must be met in order for a chef to be considered as a candidate for the SWISS Taste of Switzerland programme. For example, a future culinary partner must hold at least 15 GaultMillau points or be employed in the kitchen of at a five-star hotel.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Making a difference: One Young World summit

Mathias Sulger, Intern Online & Social Media Marketing at SWISS

At the beginning of September 1,200 future leaders from 170 countries gathered in Zurich to attend the second summit of One Young World,
a global organisation that aims to bring together the youngest, brightest and best and to ensure that their concerns, opinions and solutions are heard. As the official carrier to this year’s summit SWISS flew many of the delegates to Switzerland from their home countries.

One Young World focuses on six key areas: Global Health, Environment, Global Business, Interfaith Dialogue, Media, and Leadership. These were defined by a global poll of young people from around the world prior to the inaugural summit in London in 2010 that set the stage for the launch of a variety of projects such as Flood Relief Effort and Sustainable Aid (Global Health) and The Future of Energy and Myanmar Youths In Action (Environment).

Thursday, September 1, 2011

(Virtual) Pilots for a day

Mathias Sulger, Intern Online & Social Media Marketing at SWISS

Flying a plane on your PC? No problem. Piloting one in a genuine flight simulator? That’s trickier. As for taking a real jet up into the sky: we’ll leave that to the professionals. Getting to grips with a simulator, as I recently did, is challenging enough!

Christian (of SWISS Social Media Marketing) and I (Intern Online & Social Media Marketing at SWISS) recently had the chance to try out Swiss AviationTraining’s new BAe 146/Avro RJ simulator. Our training organisation had just taken delivery of the device, after it was carefully transported to Zurich in pieces and reassembled at SAT’s facilities.